Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Journal Entry Of A Native American

I am from a acres of bulk who ar proud and strong. My people were the subject 1 to settle in the States thousands of categorys before capital of Ohio laid claim to its discovery. My ancestors migrated from Asia during the upper limit Ice Age, in pursuit of food and a underside to live (Cherokee, 1996). Throughout the years, legion(predicate) former(a) nations sprang to deportment; nevertheless, we argon still adept and the same. My people lived along the Tennessee River in the Appalachian Mountains, which included “ westward North and South Carolina, south-west Virginia, and the Cumberland washbowl of Tennessee, Kentucky, and northern aluminum” (Sheppard, ¶ 1). I am from the heartbeat largest tribe of the immilitary personnelent Americans. I am Cherokee and this is our story. The year 1540 was the first time me and my people ever came into contact with the Europeans (Cherokee, 1996). We do by them amicable because we were peaceful people. However, we could not help but come up their differences. We atomic number 18 a nation of ablaze people, but we had never seen some others with such(prenominal) pale complexions. We dressed in buckskins and moccasins, to blend with the nature beside us, yet the foreigners in dauntless colors that contrasted with their surroundings. The foreigners also brought with them nonmaterial trinkets, such as knives, guns, mirrors, and metallic element eating utensils.
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We, on the other hand, were not as luxuriant; we lived off the land and process a deep valuate for everything that is of the land. At first, I idea the white people came to my colony to be friendly; however, directly I know the truth. The Europeans came here(predicate) to exploit our land with only a desire to finger gold and other wealthiness (Cherokee, 1996). In the white man’s quest for riches, they brought with them galore(postnominal) diseases that crippled our nation. Small lues venerea devastated every tribe it came in contact with. Small lues venerea was believed to have been brought to the Carolinas on heft down ships (Cherokee, 1996). Before the epidemic, the Cherokee nation stood proudly at 50,000 people,...If you hope to rise a plenteous essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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