Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Continuous Improvement vs. Quality Control

I strongly believe that continuous advantage is to a greater extent main(prenominal) than property break. The reason behind my thinking is that quality go for is an element of continuous improvement for the following reason. Quality expect only identifies rejects. Its only purpose is to inspect items or gain to determine whether or not a set criteria, or standard, is met; and decide whether the item will be fixed, rejected, or passed. eonian improvement is the ability to constantly change and adapt by acquiring and using information, and by evaluating changes to make sure they be effective. CI efforts must focus on how things get done. It must establish the contributing processes to determine how to improve the overall results. Now-a-days, quality control is not just done at the obliterate of a manufacturing process. It must be done at each stage, or part, of the full process. Quality commitment is essential for businesses to inflate; forcing the bankers acce ptance of quality standards by many organizations such as ISO 9000, 6 Sigma, TQM (Total Quality Management), Lean, and PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) pass. All these methods, while all precise different, express on employee involvement and teamwork; measuring and systematizing processes; and reducing variation, defects and cycle times. References: American tramping for Quality, (2006). unbroken Improvement. Retrieved Apr. 20, 2006, from http://www.asq.org/learn-about-quality/continuous-improvement/overview/overview.html. American Society for Quality, (2006).
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