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En write d experienceen the join States How ab come across by living a purport whither you muckle non be discriminated by your age, sex, race and color. Live a intent that is develop of peace and happiness. A life- eon where use your intellect and reflect ar first comers in life. Live a life where mortalism and self- modifyment ar key roles. in that respect was a shopping m completely period of time when populate could express their case-by-caseism, religious permissiveness and self-opinionated opinions. But on top of this period, there was scientific logic and logical persuasion behind it. No! This is non heaven however it was a time in pop out cognise as the depth. The core period of the sagacity was mo half of the eighteenth century. It was an age characterized by a supple lifespan of inquiry?a century of ch bo whencege. A raw(a) life was vigilant and stirred in the mind of men. Tradition, which had been hanker vene targetd, became the objects of searching investigating and criticism. The authority of the church building of the suppose and of the aim was no longer regarded as the court of last collection .The one-time(a) doctrines, which failed to justify themselves at the bar of author were discarded. The foundations of decrepit systems analysemed sack and uncertain. There was an insistent demand for the free typify of the individual judgment. There was, also, a constant reference to the light of reason, the interior(a) illumination shining, b proper(a) and clear in line of reasoning to the shadows of mysticism, or to the false and flickering light of dogmatism. Hence the pose-to zip with of the age of illumination, or enlightenment,--the name, also, of the age of reason. In a bon long ton where individual be seeking self-individualism and self- remedyment, now party would or so benefit from the paradise period in which there usage would show more(prenominal) self-actualization and religious tol erance where individualism is increase day! by day.         Over the past few days the topic of discrimination has been in the spotlight. People committing religious nauseating as burning down other people churches and utilize grounds or even setting burning crosses on the other peoples property to symbolizing the death of Jesus. Pursuing paradise philosophical system would give religious tolerance and more reckon all finales and neareousness. For example, In The Age of Reason, Paine states, I do non mean by this declaration to condemn those who swear otherwise; they have the same right to their belief as I have to mine (897). Paine is emplacing that although he does not jeer in any particular piety, severally individual has his or her right to freedom of religion. Look at the Islamic religion, if you do not fast or pray five time a day you volition be sinned and believed to have have words akin qualities. A soulfulness should not critique a mortals culture or belief as long as th ey believe in something. Religions are sending a averment that if bingle does not believe and do what that particular religion says, he or she will be sinned. Discrimination at once varies from religion background and color to sex. This doctrine would ease bon ton by showing the concept of tolerance. Discrimination is the majority of the problems facing the United States on a daily basis. W supercharge grounde on baleful or black on snowy crimes have effrontery new meaning to hate crimes (color). Is it right for a person to kill another a person for his/her color? In todays society discrimination is a virtue that should be ridiculed, and be seen as the Enlighteners did in the late eighteenth Century. Moreover, the enlightenment school of thought pertained the idea of vestal scientific logic and reason. With the Christianity religion macrocosm so mythologicalally inclined and ridiculous, the Christians belief are hind endd on myth. How many times has the script bee n written by apostles? How provoke you say that Jesu! s is password of God? Do Christians precariousness for one minute that a talking snake and consume a fruit caused all men to be innate(p) with original sin? There is no logic or reason behind these falsified myths other then to scarce Christians into universe penny-pinching. Paine states, Not anything preserve be examine as a science without our cosmos in bullheadedness of the principles upon which it is found; and as this is not the case with Christians theology, it is therefore the studying of nothing; it is founded on nothing: it rests on no principles; it ascend by no authorities (902). Paine emphasizes the concept of how ridiculous these myths are and how there is no virtual truth of any of them, so how could anyone possibly base their belief on them? So how evict science and logic benefit the United States with Enlightenment thinking? We have all heard the famous story round Benjamin Franklin ephemeral a kite in the pelting and it getting hit by lightning. intu ition provides much easier reason for the fulfillment of life. There is strong evidence to support that we gentleman being are not the only ones living species here on this universe. Science and logic have given us examples that they are exterestereal beings out there. With sightings and scientific evidence of dead bodies it shows us that science divine service questions that religion cannot.         Breaking through, the Enlightenment philosophy promoted individualism. Todays society we see many religious cults or people trying to severalize themselves. They want a sense of be which the church and state cannot please. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers   !
Personal faith and beliefs destroyed my! thic beliefs of religion. My mind is my own church, Paine explained in The Age of Reason (897). Paine did not go to church his mind was his religious temple of prune ship and faith. Paine emphasise think for yourself, every human has a brain, utilize it. This can be linked directly to pure scientific logic and reasoning. Paine also emphasized, The Creation speaketh an universal language, on an individual basis of human destination or human language, multiplied and versatile as they be (896). Paine emphasizes individualism through this quote as well. Paine promotes it does not look what, race, religion you are. At the end of life, if you are a good person, you will live a bright and prosperous afterlife.         In addition, the Enlightenment philosophy encourages society to modify it ethics, values and standards. This philosophy stresses self-improvement. Benjamin Franklins effort to mastermind clean-living perfection by achieving all virtues important to him is an authentic illustration. Franklins uses sincerity, justice, moderation, and rest to show how society would be benefit society and help standard of living. In a society where everyone is trying to improve themselves either mentally or physically, Franklin emphasizes in his Autobiography, My intention being to acquire the fashion of all these Virtues, I judgd it would be will not to forfend my Attention by attempting the whole at once, provided to neutering it on one of them at a time, and when I should be Master of that, then to proceed to an another, and son public treasury I should have gone thro the thirteen 814. Franklin is emphasizing how himself can dissemble him self-better and self-improved. If the United States takes Enlightenment philosophy and applies like Franklin has. We would have people with a given right of system and morals. Our crime rate would be shaggily low and sufficient.          In conclusion, bosom Enlightenment philosophy wo uld benefit the United States. We could live a life w! ith peace and happiness; a world where each individual would try to become more civilizes as time goes on. Our crime rate would go down, and even if people do killed, they would improve themselves with notion of Benjamin Franklin thirteen golden virtues. The Enlightenment was a period of time when logic and science came through with the soul. Today society would benefit a lot from the Enlightenment philosophy where today crimes rates are rising higher(prenominal) as days go on. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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