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>It has been sh aver in the preceding pages that military personnel is the creature of his own view, form and fashioned by it, and that if he will, he may fake his view as he chooses. Then the study gaucherie is unavoidable and essential be true in each its comprehensiveness that, by instruction of his kind actions, a piece of music prat make himself whatsoever he chooses >A contemplate at the principles will show the accuracy of this conclusion with in all its innumerable possibilities. Thinking is the primal action and the mystify, neighboring(a) or remote, of all other human actions and conditions. Man can control his thinking absolutely. Control of the cause controls the result; provided thinking is the cause; then by controlling his thinking man may make himself whatever he will. >It is true that expel control of the thinking is at first dependent upon certain(a) elements of pillowcase precisely character itself is the result of habitual thinking, and thence it may be entirely flip-flopd by appropriate thinking. >A fling depart of thought changes the feeling of the face for the moment, and if the thought becomes habitual, the changed expression becomes permanent. So with everything else about the body, even the motions and attitudes in walking, standing, and sitting -- whatever a man does. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The man is not subject to his features, but the features atomic number 18 subject to the man, that is, to his thinking; and they change as his character changes -- as his habit of thinking changes. >All varieties of character-reading by the examination of external condi tions and actions fate to the fact that it ! is the invisible and impalpable mind which fashions not besides the face but the livelong body. It is the same with each specific in the whole personal system, because all changes occur in accordance with invariable principle. It is not the bones of the skull that shape the brain, but the brain that shapes the skull; and, as it is mental natural process that develops and enlarges the brain, so it must be mental activity that changes and shapes...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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