Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Compare And Contrast Of Pedagogy And Andragogy

At the end of this essay , I intend to contact in an ex point into the concepts precept and Andragogy that any layman jakes perceive twain concepts without any problem . In doing this I go away attempt a definition of some(prenominal) concepts . I get out also compare some(prenominal) concepts to see the similarities that exist surrounded by the two concepts and on the other hand check for the dissentences in both concepts . This I will attempt to achieve in the following paragraphsThe sign thing to note here is that both concepts and terminologies are associated with slipway of acquirement . Pedagogy simply refers to speak to of tutoring , or a method of tutoring that has to do with children . The etymology of the word is in Greek and it representation guiding the young person . also , it is the way of educating chi ldren and much is use to refer to teaching . for the most part it entails a teacher-centered way of learnedness because in this way of tutoring , the teacher takes the chisel upon himself or herself to decide the what , how and when of the subject to be tutored . Pedagogy groundwork hence be seen as a hit of tutoring where the teacher is active and the students passiveOn the other hand , Andragogy is defined as the pilot of tutoring that is aimed at assisting the adult to learn . Unlike pedagogy , andragogy is a savant- directed puzzle of education . Andragogy is a model that allows scholarly persons the opportunity to to a lower placestand the reason that a subject of strike is self-assertive for learning . Also , it enlightens prentices on the way of fate themselves in understanding informationWhat is the comparism and disparity between both concepts ? A critically evaluation of both concepts will show that , unconnected from the incident that both concepts ar e models of learning , and that they both f! iltrate towards the spreading of information from the teacher to the person learning , they differ in numerous ways .
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The disparities in these concepts are enumerated downstairs sequentiallyThe firstly disparity in these two models is the terminologies that are used . For precedent , in the pedagogic model , the learners are referred to as students . This is divers(prenominal) from that andragogic model where the learners are referred to as participants . here , one poop see from the terminologies used that in the pedagogic model of learning , the learners are bossed The tutor displays a kind of favourable p osition to the learners while in the andragogic model , the term used to counterchange its learners makes the learner feel involved in the adjoin of tutoringAnother singularity that exists between both models is that in the pedagogic model of tutoring , the learner is reliant on the teacher for almost everything in the learning process but in the andragogic model the participant is less(prenominal) reliant and more involved in the process of tutoring . Here , the learner is allowed to make decisions and is more active in the process of tutoringFurthermore , under the pedagogic model , there exist a world(a) believe that the...If you want to get a expert essay, tramp it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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