Monday, November 25, 2013


1.what does Linguistic paper ? 1.Lingusitic is a science which studies the phenomenon of Language. 2.which ar the lingual units ? 2.The Linguistic units are :phonology ,Lexical ,Semantic and Grammatical Level. 3.what is Language? 3.Language is reflect of minde.I speak to understand what I think. Language is Mechanism that allows the big unwashed to communicate through language.we locoweed express our thoughts to the others. 4.what does the Grammer study ? 4.Grammer studies the social organization of particular Language. 5.How is Grammer Divided ? 5.Gramer is Diviede : Morphology and invent structure. 6.what does the morphology study ? 6.Morphology studies construction of sorting of spoken language . 7.what does the Syntax study ? 7.Syntax studies the structure and classification of phrase and reprobates. Morphology is oftentimes refered inside the give voice Syntax is often refered out-of-door the word. 8.which are the Linguistic units ? 8.Lingui stic units are :Sentence,clause ,phrase,word,and morphem. 9.which linguistic units of highest identify? 9.Sentence is linguistic unit of the highest cast. 10.which linguistic unit of the lowest rank? 10.Morphem is linguistic unit of lowest rank. 11.what is the sentence ? 11.Sentence is group of words or a single word by which on rig express a wish or learn a question.It usually contains a subjet and predicate. 12. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
what is clause ? 12.clause is simple sentence , which live of a subject and only one predicator. Expmale :birds fly, the verge opened. 13.what is the phrase? 13.Phrase is linguistic units of which is ranked between the clause and th! e word. 14.what is the word? 14.word usher people , objects and acrivities. 15.what are the word classes? 15. word classes can serve up explain why some words are similar in the same sentence structure, and some bespeak unalike structures. 16.which are the word classes? 16.Word classes are : nouns verbs adjectives adverbs pronouns determiners prepositions conjunctions 17.what is the...If you want to prolong a full essay, order it on our website:

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