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Zoos ar an unsuitable environment for howling(a) animals and should, therefore, be abolished. Firstly, menagerie animals are kept in a very throttle rural field compared with their vast ingrained habitat. Secondly, breeding programs are far-off slight successful than zoos claim. Thirdly, zoo animals are exposed to numerous diseases and some other dangers. Zoo animals are usually kept in very cramped enclosures and do not be film kindred their antic counterparts. Polar bears, for example, are given about 10 metres of walking space whereas in their Arctic home they cook up for many hundreds of kilometres. Similarly, primates, big cats and birds are often confined in cages where they lack exercise and stimulation. Many animals develop unnatural habits such as pacing back and forth or swaying from case to side. Supporters of zoos argue that they help to conserve endangered species, but in fact they are not very good at this. Even the world famous panda breedin g class has been very costly and unsuccessful. Also, zoo life does not profess water animals for the challenges of life in the light. For example, two rare lynxes released into the wild in Colorado died from starvation even though the area was to the full of hares, which are a lynxs natural prey. The zoo is an unnatural environment that exposes animals to numerous dangers. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Diseases often dispersed among species that would never live together naturally. For example, many Asian elephants require died in US zoos after catching herpes from African elephants. Furthermore, zoo animals are often exposed to chemic als, solvents and other toxic substances. ! Finally, it is common for visitors to tease and provoke caged animals. In conclusion, therefore, it is not ensuant to say that zoos are educational or that they help to win endangered species. In reality, they only teach us how wild animals behave when they are confined in small spaces. genteelness programmes provide zoos with good publicity, but in fact tight of them are failures. Finally, zoo animals are probably...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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