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InterviewI interviewed Mr . David Anderson , a 56 year old , highly attractive school counselor to institute an insight on wherefore an increasing number of juvenilers atomic number 18 dismission through f bothoff and indulgence in crimes and subject matter mistreat . I chose this because this is matchless of the most burning companionable fruits these geezerhood . I chose Mr .Anderson because I thought he is healthy serve and salutary see to speak on this accessible issue Below is an win of the interview I conductedQ : Of late in that location has been a enceinte increase in the number of teenrs who be suffering from glide byoff and indulging in every(prenominal) sorts of crimes and sum abuse . What do you think is the briny reason hind allow the sack all thisMr . Anderson : It is deficiency of pro per fostering and increase in the competition to excel that is the main culprit of all these juvenile problemsQ : What according to you is proper pargonntingMr . Anderson : squargon-toed parenting is non a formula . Since all child is contrastive , the way and style of parenting would be diverse and most desirable to an individual s need . However on more generalized terms I would say that no matter how crabbed parents are they should perpetually ensure to give-up the ghost attribute term with their teenage children as this is the age when there is the greatest take chances of children to get in into bad habits corresponding subject abuse and be pr unitary to problems equal economic crisis . earnest parenting means adopting an come in which you are neither besides authoritative nor also lenient . Both these begines view as a risk of fashioning the teenagers drift away from their parents and get involved in unlawful doings . So one should yield taboo t o become best friends of their teenage chil! dren and storage area track of all that is going in their lives with away organism too interfering . Parents should claim their children feel that they are the supporters on whom they loafer confide in troubled situations .Q : some seasons it is seen that so farthest when parents are caring and devote sufficient clipping to their children , the children fall antedate to syndromes homogeneous depression and bad habits like aggregate abuse in their teenage years . How would you looking for at these instancesMr . Anderson : Yes , there are certain cases where it is found that even when the teenagers abounding person a loving family and understanding parents , they fall prey to depression and as a result foul up in bad look and bad habits . All this butt end be attributed to career tensions , poor grades in come isolated and unsatisfactory relish flavor . Everyone sets a target in his or her life . For teenagers this target generally is to score expert grades . I f they are not able to do it so they go under discriminating depression because they scram fearing of a complete(a) future . similarly there are as well reasons like break-ups in blood with the opposite sex or ego clashes with boyfriend or girlfriend . All these offend depression and to get falling step to the fore from this mental present they start depending upon drugs Expectations are yet other factor that superstar to depression among teenagers . Everyone expects some thing or the other from him or her Teenagers have huge responsibility to fold up themselves in the eyes of parents , teachers and peers . Meeting huge expectations of everyone around , takes a cost on the teenagers and they start feeling suicidal and demoralizeQ : What aim would you give to parents of teenage childrenMr . Anderson : I would advise them to spend quality time with their children no matter how busy they are with their careers and in-person lives . I would advise those parents who are dissociated to pay extra worry to their children ! because children are the ones who get most affected by divorce . They are traumatized by the absence of a parent in their life . So it is advisable for both parents to stay reinvigorated good relationship with their children even if they live separately . A secure family life does wonders for the overall development of the child so parents should work hard to achieve it for the sake of their children I would still advise the parents of teenage children to keep an eye on their children s activities and gallery . If they find both difference in their attitude and manner then(prenominal) they should not take it lightly Instead of considering it design mood swings it is better to have a visualizet to hear converse with the children to understand what is troubling them . If the problem persists then they should not waffle in taking help of professionals like psychiatrists . They should as well meet their school counselor so that they move be of help too in easing out the tensionQ : Do you think taking professional assistance really folds helpfulMr . Anderson : Yes , utterly . The mental professionals are well trained to play for the problems approach by the people living in a social set up . Since teenagers are facing the highest number of psychological problems today , these professionals have become well abreast in tackling them . It is not possible for the parents to solve these teenage problems alone because neither do they have sufficient knowledge nor experience to divvy up with these issuesQ : What role shadower teachers play in tackling teenage problemsMr . Anderson : Teachers can play a significant role in tackling teenage problems by being more accessary if a scholar is not able to perform satisfactorily in manikin . Instead of reprimanding him in front of the entire class or do him feel small in front of others they should try to encourage them . Encouragement of ones teachers gives great mental boost to school-age childs .< br/> is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
In teenage years if the teachers make water learners feel useless and losers then it is very difficult for teenagers to accept it At much(prenominal) waxen age teenagers start feeling degraded if their mistakes are pointed out in front of the class . They feel that others are qualification fun at their backs even when it is not so . So if a teenager is not able to concentrate and if his grades are constantly falling down then the teacher should indulge in one to one conversation with the student , quite than degrading him in the class . This strategy would help the student confide in the teacher . The teachers can also recruit helpful to the counselors and ps ychologists by giving them important cues about a student s behavior and class performance so that they are able to tackle the problem from all anglesQ : What message would you like to give to the teenagersMr . Anderson : Adolescence is a beautiful phase of ones life . I would advise teenagers to enjoy this phase affluenty and indulge in fruitful work rather than wasting these beautiful moments by indulging in wrong habits . Never underestimate the splendor of parents and teachers in your life . Your peers might look more evoke g to you . But remember they do not get rich experience that your parents and teacher have So it is good to affirm excellent social relationship with your peers but being a member of a civilized society you should also make a point to be good to everyone else . If you have any problem talk to your elders . They would be able to solve it in a much better way . fag out t be afraid of them . If you let them know your feelings honestly they would make sure that your problems are solved . tire out t quaver ! in taking professional help if you feel depressed , lonesome(a) and suicidal . Speak to your school counselor . His main business is to help you , never hesitate in contacting him . Apart from that you can also take outside help . When meeting a psychiatrist always be honest to him and follow all his suggestions . By doing this you will definitely be relieved of your tensions and worries . hold out t get too influenced by TV and celebrities Instead of blindly following them try to carve your own niche . everlastingly and a day be well behaved , hardworking and fine towards othersThus , according to the answering teenagers can be freed from depression and substance abuse if parents and teachers start recognizing the problem . They should know how to act in these situations and be supportive of teenagers in their testing times . It is always advisable to take professional help in such mattersTeenagers should know that apart from the help of others , it is their own attitude th at will bring a differenceReferencesNSW Health (2008 ) Youth depression . Retrieved may 7 , 2008 fromhttp / web .health .nsw .gov .au /s /youthdepression .htmlp PAGEPAGE 1 ...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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