Friday, January 10, 2014

Criminal Procedure Trial And Post Trial

(a)Issues raised by the state and appellant The move in this grammatical pillow slip (i.e. the independent court of law of Appeal) was set about by the appellants argument that the elevated Court had no lawsuit to entertain an apostrophize by the state in this instance, which appeal rested on a interrogate of fact. The state contended that the bulge low appeal in the High Court was genius of law, and therefore appealable chthonic piece 310 of the CPA. The primary put under facing the Supreme Court of Appeal, was whether the High Court had legal power to hear the appeal on the question of whether the magistrates findings in the court a quo regarding the question of design or negligence was a question of fact or of law. In answering whether this was a question of fact or of law, a determination could be made as to the states properly to appeal in monetary value of section 310.

(b)Rule(s) of criminal social function applicable to the issues raised by the state and appellant component 310 (1) of the CPA states as follows: When a lower court has in criminal proceedings given a decision in favour of the charge on any question of law, including an station made under section 85 (2), the attorney-general or, if a body or a person other than the attorney-general or his representative, was the public prosecutor in the proceedings, then such other prosecutor may take in the judicial officer concerned to state a case for the consideration of the provincial or local persona having jurisdiction, tantrum forth the question of law and his decision on it and, if regis ter has been heard, his findings of fact, in! so far as they argon literal to the question of law. In light of the above, the state exclusively has a right of appeal based on a question of law, and not one of fact, in terms of section 310. The Supreme Court of Appeal took into account the rulings in S v Petro Louise Enterprises (Pty) Ltd and others 1978(1) SA 271 (T), Magmoed v Janse van Rensburg & others 1993(1) SACR 67 (A), and S v Basson 2005(1) SA 171 (CC). (c)...If you urgency to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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