Thursday, January 23, 2014

Death of a Rainforest by Cecil Rajendra

DEATH OF A RAINFOREST by Cecil Rajendra i squirm with a rhinocerosceros plainly no rowing pass on come i assure tall trees crashing wild birds belly laugh the buffalo stampeding and no words will come i receive sawmills buzzing cash registers clicking entrepreneurs yam-seng-ing solely no words will come i hear of con feed conferences of petitions, of signatures of campaigns & lobbying but no words will come i hear the rain pounding into desolate places the widowed wind hollo but no words will come the rhino is boxed and crated merbok & meranti are gone above, no monkeys swing from no overhead branches below, a pangolin stumbles around amputated trunks an loot butterfly surveys the wounded jungle yes, no words mint fill this gash of malevolence but a grand anger squats hugging its knees in silence An abridgment of demolition of a Rainforest by Cecil Rajendra. Hu piece of musics force come forth nat ure at own risk With reference to remnant of a Rainforest by Cecil Rajendra, it is evident that humankinds tend to throw out nature at their own risk. Here, the quality is expressing the conflict amongst a human and an endangered species[pic] when he ( represent by the i ) wrestles with a rhinoceros indicating a conflict against a giant force which is heavy and horned. As a core of this conflict, he is faced with battles and challenges against nature. The persona refers to him/herself as the human who harms the ecosystem by means of development. Yet, he is struggling to get the government activity ( e.g. the government) to crap steps to preserve the environment. He could be chip with the rhino for territory, as in the case of humans march on into the habitats of animals. temper is seen here to have met head-on by the avidity of [pic]the man to survive. As a result, [pic]the man feels as if he is the conqueror, [pic]the track of the Nature. [pic]Man also has a conscious decision to react and thin nat! ure. Nature itself does not...If you want to get a full(a) essay, stray it on our website:

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