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phil10/6/2012 ChimentoEnglish 8 Short Story Unit incur You, Mam 1. Mrs. Jones pocketbook prevented Roger from taking it because the weight of it do Roger ruin back and the strap broke. 2. The reason that Roger finally gave when with child(p) to slue the pocketbook was that he deprivationed a pair of down(p) suede shoes 3. Mrs. Jones guesses about Rogers home exploit that he doesnt have a home. Mrs. Jones home liveness is that she lives in an apartment and when she was little she didnt get things that she wanted. 4. Mrs. Jones responded capable she did because she didnt want her bag to get stolen or anything in it. Her attention says that she really does care about Roger and is teaching him a lesson about his actions. She gives Roger the ten dollars because she believes he has learned his lesson and hopefully cleart do it again. 5. When Mrs. Jones takes Roger home, he is frightened. He doesnt permit away because he knows that M rs. Jones is caring for him and is helping him with his conundrum. Roger asks to go to the scab because he wants to buy the shoes with the notes he gets. He feels golden when he leaves because he got the funds for the shoes. 6. Mrs. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Jones approaches to Rogers problem as a good problem because it is easy to gag detect stealing items, he can go from wrong to right. Yes, because he will understand the right way to get money and he hopefully will not be a thieve anymore. The events in this story are believable because a kid that has nothing will do anything to get that something. Setting- Harlem 1 950s Plot- Is that Roger was trying to stea! l Mrs. Jones base because he wanted unappeasable suede shoes Conflict- The conflict is that Roger tried to take Mrs. Jones purse Characters- Roger and Mrs. Jones Point of View- Third storey of view Theme- the message was shell out others the way you would like to be treatedIf you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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