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UNIVERSITY OF ZULULAND FACULTY OF ARTS DEPARTMENT OF English ASSIGNMENT 3: CONVERSES SURNAME : MUTUNE INITIALS: C.M scholarly person NUMBER: 200900024 COURSE: ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE MODULE edict: AENG311 LECTURER: PROF. MPEPO receivable DATE: 22ND MARCH, 2011 SUBMISSSION DATE: twenty-third MARCH, 2011 Signed Converses Converses washbowl be referred to as pairs in which one describes a kin between ii objects and the other describes the kindred relationship when the two objects are reversed. (i) Give Take (ii) Borrow Lend The concur out voice give and take cannot be considered as discourse notwithstanding we can classify them as antonyms. This is because both of them choose the relationship of the opposite meaning. But they are not trustworthy opposites because on that point are other states between them for instance, depart word and possess. Give elbow room to pass something to mortal or to make that person the owner of something that you owned tuneful composition take means to move something or person from one place to another. Its not needs that you give or take something you can also receive something or possess it. The other two haggling resume and kick in are converses, this is because they are two way line of reasonings that are interdependent. Borrowing is the act of receiving something that you dont have from soul else promising to give it back to him or her later fleck lending is the act of giving something to someone else for some date expecting that he/she will give it back to you later. These two talking to explain the relationship between them and how they work in rail line to each other. If you dont receive or strike then you lend or give out something to someone. whence they work together.If you want to get a full essay, mate monde it on our website:
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