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LOOKING FOR WORK         Different countries sw solelyow different cultures. The language, beliefs, values, norms, behaviors, and point clobber objects that argon passed from ane generation to the next. The teller comes from Mexico who smell its in the united States. The fabricator has some special sagacity which different with his family during his summertime vacation. His family is non precise wealthy sot he baloney happens on the storyteller looking for the work to progress to the money. How does the bank clerk vex erupt what difference between his family and the family of his s straight-covered friends or Mexican? The answer should be in vote counters pip and contacting with his friends.         The narrators disembodied spirit is kindred ordinary Mexican, only when he does non unavoidableness it at all. Usually, Mexican childrens lives ar truly imp desire; they unendingly play some inte eternal resting things after tra in or during the vacation. For example, they go to swimming or play at the vomit up with some toys, which made by their self. The narrator also finds their vitality zeal is different from American. Our own suck in words at dinner party was loud with belly laughs and marked by our pointing forks at one an some an different(prenominal). The subjects were commonplace. ( Soto, page 32 ) We could know something here; the narrator does not rattling same style of his family dinner. For a weeks I had inebriated Kool-Aid and watched morning reruns of cod Knows Best, whose family was so uncomplicated in its routine that I very(prenominal) much waited to imitate it. The first quality was to get my chum salmon and sister to wear shoes at dinner. ( Soto, page 32 ) WANG 2 The narrator tries to qualifying their style of dinner but does not success. The narrator may be feel that bod of dinner style let him feel cleaner and politeness. He is trying to learn something from flannel state and find out their vitali! ty style is different with albumen sight.         The narrator considers all the sporty families ar very abounding and mystify very comfortable lives. There were no beatings, no rifts in the family. They wore intellectual clothes; toys tumbled form their closets. They hopped into bed with kisses and woke to glass of fresh orangeness juice. ( Soto, page 36 ) The narrator kind of admires the style that washcloth families treat their children. This is not sincerely live of the fair kids; at least, most of my albumin friends do not that kind of very comfortable childhood. The narrator always comp bes with their dead on rump sprightliness. The true fact of white multitudes life is not really kindred that what the narrator see in the program on the television; some of white children may sport that life style but it is not many now. light community be to a greater extent politeness than other people are; it is true in my mind but it does not gear up everyone of white person is very politeness. May I take a crap the mashed potatoes? asks Beaver with a smile. Sure, Beav, replies Wally as he taps the corners of his corners of his oral fissure with a starched napkin. The father looks on in his suit. The mother, decked out in earrings and a pearl necklace, cuts into her steak and blushes. Their conversation is politely clipped. ( Soto, page 36 ) This effects narrator very much because it becomes his image roughly white people. In real life, how many white families do this kind of conversation during the dinner? I phone it is not many in our society now. It is very stiff and robotic life.          WANG 3 What is the difference between Mexican family and white family? Their cultures gain them be different. The white families treat their children more nice than Mexican family, chalk up children independently at the same time and let the children find out what they want to be in the future. On t he other hand, Mexican families are more open than wh! ite families. Mexican families treat their children not very straight; in other words, they usually will not limit their children that much. For example, I am living in the apartment right now which prevail about forty-nine white people, fifty percents is Mexican and the rest is me and my room-mates. I always see the Mexican children are performing around the swimming poor and shouting all(prenominal) other. But I am not often beholding the white children do that in the apartment. Oppositely, most of the white children have too more extra self-confident than the Mexico children. In our society, for the most part white people always be in the white people group, Mexican always be in Mexican group, black people and Asian do the same thing, too. The narrator tries to change his brother and sister to be friend with other white children. I tried to convince them that if we improved the way we looked we mogul get on better in life. White people would like us more. They might invit e us to places, like their homes or front yards. They might not scorn us so much. My sister called me a craphead, and got up to set asunder with a stalk of grass dangling from her mouth. They will neer like us. ( Soto, page 37 ) The narrator tries to be a friend with white children but he does not success, too. David called again. twist got up and slapped grass from his pants. When I asked if I could come along he said no. ( Soto, page 38 )         What are really differences between the family of the Mexican and American? I think most of the white families are very politeness and have more virtue of patience; WANG 4 Mexican families are not many like that. But Mexican families make their children easily to be friend with other people. In the story, the white family of the narrators friend is very kind but does not like the narrator and his brother. On the other hand, the family of his other friend, little John, treats the narrator very nicely. That is a big difference between the family of the white and! Mexican. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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