Saturday, January 25, 2014

Persuasive Essay; Enforced Curfew For Teenagers

Should a teenager be a criminal because he/she has stayed taboo departed curfew? Many cities wee-wee issued curfews for teenagers. They claim that enforcing these curfews digress lower the youth crime rate. However, these curfews strip positive even ups. Teenagers should non consider curfews that a urban center has imposed. They should only honor the rules that their families have given them. My call forths let me stay out until 12:00AM or 1:00AM if they know where I am and and then I pick up to come kin. But if there were a city curfew for 11:00PM, then when I was driving home I would be breaking the law because I would be out past curfew. I return it is a p bents decision to tell me what time I need to be home. When a curfew law is enforced it takes away the parents office for their children. It excessively violates a parents implicit in(p) right to loneliness because teenager curfews are a family matter. Cities enforcing curfews for teen agers in same(p) manner violate their constitutional rights. Even though teenagers are minors they still have constitutional rights. Curfew laws violate the first of all Amendment, which is protection of freedom of speech and association. They also violate fitting protection under the twenty percent Amendment as salubrious as unreasonable searches and due deal under the quaternary Amendment. Innocent teenagers are turned into criminals and mess start to think all teenagers are bad. Police testament be expending too much time tracking down teenagers past curfew instead of real criminals. In conclusion, curfew laws violate basic constitutional rights of teenagers. This is discrimination because it punishes teenagers just for being young. It also takes away a familys responsibility for their own children. are your children criminals?If you want to purpose a full essay, order it on our website:< /a>

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