Saturday, January 25, 2014

`World and It's People

The World and Its People Chapter One Before Civilization: - proof of tender-heartede artistic creativity came to light in 1940 in force(p) Lascaux in southwestern France with cavern walls covered with paintings of animals that have been nonexistent for thousands of historic period - Cavemen had their receive culture with tools, beliefs, and outfits. For their time they were very travel for discovering fire - The development, transmission, and transformation be subjected to history Food meeting and Stone Technology: - Around 2 million days ago the Stone Age lasted from so until around 4,000 years ago - The Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) lasted until 10,000 years ago, virtually 3,000 years after the end of the last Ice Age - The neolithic (New Stone Age) is associated with the origins of agriculture followed - Animal bones and sharp objects were occupy to hunt The Agricultural Revolutions: - Around 10,000 years ago, some human groups began to rival their sust enance needs by raising domesticated plants and animals - It emphasizes the cardinal role of food production and signals that the changeover occurred several(prenominal) times - In the Middle East, human selection had alter certain red grasses into higher-yielding domesticated grains such as wild, emmer, einkorn, and gelt wheat - In the States a decline of game animals change magnitude peoples dependence on wild plants - Peru developed a food production mannequin on potatoes and quinoa - Animals provided food for civilians and dogs even helped hunters scratch off or blubber for other food Life in neolithic Communities: - An ecological crisis may of triggered food production - Neolithic farmers were shorter on average than earlier foragers - Diseases harry farming settlements - phylogenetic relation and marriage bound farming communities together - phylogenetic relation lead to reverence for departed ancestors - The religions of foragers tend to center on sacred groves, springs and wild animals - T! he Neolithic Goddess is supported by daemon leopards whose tails curved over her...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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