Saturday, February 1, 2014

American Government

Please Answer the following Questions . Thank youLesson 1 : affectionate LibertiesCivil Liberties are arranged according to their corresponding article in the Bill of RightsIf the First Amendment to the Constitution says Congress shall make no truth regarding the freedoms of religion , speech , assembly , free permutation , and petititon for redress of grievances , why are these freedoms restricted occasionallyShould the no fair play provision be absolute , or is the current tractability applied to those freedoms goodI believe that there should be a year of flexibility in making laws that would either permit or forbid certain rights and freedoms Although democracy foundation be a wonderful thing with its tolerance of freedoms , liberties , equalities and rights , too much of it can buoy be very unhealthy for a democracy , peculiarly in times of emergency such as wars and calamities . It is during these dogged times that there is no time to be republican as expediency must take precedence everyplace debate or consensus . This should give leaders extra linear in doing what is best for society without being hamstrung by the disputatious nature of democracy without having to become an autocracyThis practice is nothing five-year-old as it dates back to the Roman Republic that came up with a similar measure in the form of a potentate which was given considerable power to do what was necessary to ingest about rule and stability BUT as a safeguard , it was whole for a limited time barely The American government need not do this . at that place is...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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