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One of the benefits race cite when they discuss the legacies that compoundists have left(a) hind end in SEA is that colonialists helped to democratize SEA. However, I struggle that for the near part, when colonialists colonised SEA, they did non promote democracy surface of their own volition, rather, at the very outset, colonialists incorporated territories under the colonial aegis and though agreements might have been made with elites, the people were not gnarly in the decision-making process. With the use of the army, British annexed Burma in good rule up till the 17th parallel, France out rightly demanded Laos and Cambodia and be to attack Siam if its claims were unmet. Barring the undemocratic nature of territory encyclopaedism at the expense of indigenous voices and livelihoods, I argue that when the colonialists colonized SEA, they sayed, for a large part, the patron-client relationship. In this special model of patron-client watch up relationship, the colonialists demanded goods that could be exported and in the case of Indonesia, they implemented the market-gardening system that was to be enforced by local anaesthetic agent elites, and only if the desires of the colonialists were met would the position of the local elites be assured. For instance, Owen provides evidence in his book that when the local elites could not meet the demands of their colonial masters, and maintain harmony, they were replaced and sons of religious leaders were co-opted. This was as well present in Philippines where Spanish colonialists kept the local elites in creator if they met colonialists objectives. and so the authority of the local elites were not based on a new popular sovereignty model that colonialists had introduced, rather it was a continuity and entrenchment of a modified version of the patron-client system. The innovative and modified patron-client system that the colonialists had introduced not only did not salve the visitation of the indigenous, it did not gi! ve the locals a say in...If you sine qua non to bring down a full essay, order it on our website:

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