Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dress Code

I look at the clock, its 8:30 a.m on an ordinary Monday morning. I guard five minutes until I gull to leave in order to make the bus. I look at my colorful closet rapidly and imagine what to wear in the little amount of time I be in possession of left. Its sunny outside but I know I let to put aside two of my tank tops, skirts or shorts. Most of my tank tops straps be too thin and my skirts argon too short. This day is no different than any other school day. I passport out a tank top and grab a sweater that I will have to wear all over it all day long, no matter what the weather is. once in a while its a skirt that has to be worn with a pair of leggings underneath, so I simulatet have to wear old, dirty lost and found guy basketball game shorts. That memory and visual is one I want changed. I would like to be able to wear array I choose to wear, not only because I be admittert want to repay in trouble. I believe schools much(prenominal) as We st Sylvan Middle School should not have such a strict dress code. We should be allowed to wear any thickness of straps and skirt length we desire. raiment return peoples different styles and tastes. They do not distract from the accomplishment environment and shouldnt be limited for school rules. both child is different in one agency or another when comp ard to someone else. Our parents, teachers, peers and friends al tracks mention once or twice, Its good to be different you should be rise of being unique. If this opinion is true then why shouldnt we be able to wear various tog if they house off our uniqueness? This is a question I dont understand the answer to. Clothes are a way to express our individuality, uniqueness and independence. They are a way to represent who you are as a person and examine what you think is flattering on yourself. Difference in clothes is an important part of diversity in a school. When students are walking down the hall way you shouldnt only have to see the same l! ong sleeved shirt or long jean skirt. If girls want to wear spaghetti...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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