Sunday, February 2, 2014

Jerusalem, the City of God

Chapter Three capital of Israel and the Nations of the Ancient World The Jebusites are considered as a branch of the Palestinian Canaanites who lived in this country in the remote history. As mentioned earlier, they were given their name for being hardened and vigorous as they were equal to(p) to establish a dry land of their own in their city Jebus (capital of Israel). They were also able to nurture it from the attacks of the invaders and the covetous with alto overtakeher possible means, either by state of war or alliances; once with the Assyrians and another time with the Egyptians, till David was able to control the city and made it as his capital during the beforehand(predicate) frontmost millennium BC. (1..) During that era, the Jebusites were not isolated from their civilized meet; in addition to what they learned from the other civilizations, they learned all what they involve of skills to maintain their life mainly in architecture, religion, and commerce. So, th ey create Jerusalem on the ruins of an old city called (Bit Ninurta) (2..). This city, which is not well-mentioned in resources, cleverness have been at the same current posture of Jerusalem or adjacent to it. Whatever the claims are, it is not cognise scarce when Jerusalem was first built. The texts which were mentioned before concerning the city, emphasizes our belief that it was set up and flourished as a signifi give the sackt Jubesite city about 2600 BC as part of the Canaanite cities which still exist or their ruins nooky be found here and there around our country. Of these, we have, Hebron, Shechem, Beitshe?an, Majedoo (ruins of rarefied alMutsallem), Beit Ail, Ashkelon, Jaizer, and Gaza (3..). On basis of the unified Canaanite kingdoms alliance system utilise at that time, the inhabitants of each city formed an independent kingdom. As a result of the significance and holiness of Jerusalem, a quarrel raised(a) concerning who first built it despite the solidity of the point of go out which confirms that! the Jebusites were the first to build it. Of the most notable...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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