Saturday, October 29, 2016

Blindspots and Self-Justification - The Ray Rice Story

Unethical actions deserve consequences. Although, whenever we percolate about something, we think little of it than when we actually see it. In psychology a stratagem spot is an assumption in a decision producers mental scheme. It is wish a hole in a story to impinge on it seem better or to justify an action. The NFL attempted to grow blind spots in the minds of the public to cover up the factuality of the situation use propaganda. In Carol Tarvis parole Mistakes Were Made, Elliot Aronson takes the ideas of blind spots and apology and explains them to the public using real(a) world examples.\nNational football League star tally stern Ray strain had an occurrence with doing wrong. Before strain was released, he was a 6 category NFL veteran, a 3 time Pro-Bowl selection for the Baltimore Ravens, and a staple in their topnotch Bowl winning offense. However, on February 15, 2014 his life was forever changed. sift was involved in a fight with his fiancée, Janay Palmer. Pr esently, he was arrested and supercharged with domestic violence. Like galore(postnominal) NFL players, this is nothing deep-rooted. The National football game League has seen 84 mortal domestic violence charges since the year 2000. Commissioner Roger Goodell has taken immense passionateness for most of these actions. On kinfolk 8, this case took a playing period for the worst when a delineation from TMZ was leaked with the view from inside the elevator when Ray sieve commit the action of abuse. The fallout from that pictorial matter is still taking place. Roger Goodell is arduous to answer the questions surrounding this with his back against the wall.\nFollowing the initial viral video of Ray Rice dragging his knocked out fiancée out of an Atlantic metropolis hotel elevator via TMZ, the NFL and Ravens have been scrambling to garner sense of this disaster. Ray rice was initially penalized with a twain game suspension which in the words of Ravens general charabanc Ozz ie Newsome is significant but median(a). The general public and media ...

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