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Aristotle\'s White collar crime Essay

The spawn of revolution and aversion is impoverishment\n\n Aristotle\n\n Aristotles Class Consciousness\n\n in front discussing Aristotles creative thinker somewhat white savvy curse I would desire to explicate the reader some secernate notion almost the self-colored issue of white three crime. White collar crime has m any re leaveations, the most important of which are argot fraud, hale and bribery. The other types of white collar crime include: counterfeiting, up-to-dateness schemes, and forgery.\n\nBank Fraud: utilization in the legal action the chief(prenominal) purpose of which is stealing the banks funds\n\nblackmail: engagement in the action mechanism the important purpose of which taking the funds of a soul. ordinarily blackmail involves many heap who ma ke threats to the other sort of tribe.\n\nBribery: This kind of activity is c at erstwhilerned with giving money to a person in return of betters and services.\n\nThese are upright the few notions that ready been interpreted from the list of fraudulent activities. dis admireable activities are predominately made by pink-collar workers. Crime became a serious issue for the society. The present day society is tone for ways to fight the blue-collar crime. To find the answer to the threatening question I lookated to consult the historical sources.\n\nIn this part of my paper I pass on try to forget the reader with the brief stocky of Aristotles writings. My discussion I will start with the abstract of Aristotles root about class division. According to Aristotle, the lively and the poor tradition completelyy puddle bad relationships in the midst of all(prenominal) other. The issue of antagonistic relationships mingled with two different classes has been once cove red by Aristotle. The rouge to the conflict is the confrontation that exists between classes. What is more aggravating is the opposition of one group to another. A whole thing plays a very important affair in shaping the temper of the relations between the pot. well-fixed people have the king in the state. They control nearly every aspect of charitable society. On the contrary, poor people have no situation in the state. Aristotle mentions the idea that incomplete rich nor poor have no right to find oneself the state. However, poor people will always make an act to take the riches of the richesy. The philosopher mentioned the idea that rich people moldiness be concerned about the lives of the poor people.\n\n A optic class must the clearest from all the classes. Aristotle conceives that the power must rifle to the middle class. The class is little encumbered with wealth than any other participant of the society. Aristotle believe that the middle class in naturally better people than the representatives of all other classes.\n\nOf contingent importance for me is Aristotles idea about money. The famous classic philosopher once stated that the spiritedness of money- qualification is one undertaken under compulsion, and wealth is evidently not the good we are seeking; for it is solely useful and for the sake of something else. And so one might sooner take the aforenamed objects to be ends; for they are loved for themselves (Nicomachean Ethics)\n\nThis expression has been once mentioned by Aristotle. When saying like this the philosopher shows his or else sarcastic posture to wealth and money. Along with that he criticizes the society for money-oriented moral. The most kindle thing is that money making is done because of compulsion rather than because of a human sense. gold is accumulated for the sake of something else that is the main idea of the statement that has been once made by Aristotle.\n\nAristotle is the philosopher that is attribu ting white-collar crime to the corrupt nature of humanity. Aristotle does not believe in the humanistic nature of society. Instead, he defines human beings as a social animal. In general, Aristotle shows a very negative status to people. According to the philosopher, the society is governed by instinct rather than liable(p) mind. The mankind is described by the philosopher as evidently sooner slavish in their tastes, preferring a life suitable to beasts. (Nicomachean Ethics) The wage of money is governed by transcendent intentions one of which is the pursue of honor. perusing honor is especially dependable for those who represent the people of premium refinement and of active disposition (Nicomachean Ethics). According to Aristotle, this group shows the aptness to identify happiness with honor. In general, the philosopher describes people as fiddling creatures and the ones, who try to bestow honor on themselves. The honor is pursue with the aim to pursue persons goodness. \n\nIn my opinion Aristotles way to flow the white-collar crime is to development societys sociality. In other words, Aristotles speck to solve the problem would be socializing or acquiring education. Education is viewed by the philosopher as a way of get better. 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