Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Reality of Television

The popularity of reality TV supplys do not impress me, in society at once, good deal prise excessive pride to a greater extent than high moral standards. A lot of shows, which need to be cancelled portray and nurture a lot of liberalness demeanours. Although these reality TV shows may call for us laugh or even shake up us with their char fleckers, they are bad influences on society, especially children. These shows course us a work out of how people are drastically driven by the bed of money, fame, and riches rather of the post of love of people for to each one other. The indecent and improper behavior being displayed by these characters are not to be emulated because it has a negative effect on society, especially on children because the shows publicize the use of drugs, inebriant and overload language.\n originality shows such as Jersey Shore and Real World on MTV further nothing but alcoholism. passel run hired moreover to have enjoyment, involving alcoh ol. People drop dead the wrong impression of how to act and behave, making them think that the only when way to have fun is by drinking alcohol and exactting drunk. Most people in society today believe that alcohols consumed on shows make it seem cool or fun to drink and narrow drunk. A reality show producer, Kurt Reams, once said that the identify and amount at which TV stars consume alcohol is ludicrous that most viewers could get influenced which is a wrong idea.\nFurthermore, MTVs TV shows such as Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant have successfully taken our attention at home especially that of teenagers, it doesnt give a view of what pregnant teens go done in their daily lives, instead it promotes teenage pregnancy. There was a particular time it showed deuce teen parents Katie Martin and Joey who were supposedly winning care of their baby later dropping ... If you want to get a full essay, coiffe it on our website:

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