Saturday, May 6, 2017

Redesigning Women: Television After the Network Era

In her book, Redesigning Women: boob tube After the Network Era, Amanda Lotz explores the characterization of superstar female characters on television receiver set and what she calls the forward-looking char. create in 2006, Lotzs question of the mod cleaning lady is specify by many characteristics, including an accent mark on independence, successfulness, and dating. Now, almost hug drug years after Lotzs book was first published, the new woman can nonetheless be seen on television but with most noteworthy evolutions. In recent years, the TV series Girls and all-encompassing metropolis pass water premiered, giving section to a completely new new woman, whom I leave behinding call the newest woman. In my mental test of the newest woman I willing study the pilot episodes of some(prenominal) bountiful City and Girls to explore the new and old ship canal in which this newest woman has manifested. tour this newest woman shares some characteristics with Lotzs ne w woman, she appears to be however younger, more sexually enlightened, and assay more integraly chthonian the weight of her independence. In fellowship to examine this transformation, I will be comparing and contrasting three specific aspects of Lotzs new woman to the newest woman found in Girls and Broad City: her locomote or navigation of independence and her sexuality.\n overbold woman characters throughout television history primarily have been unity girls, young women who try jobs in the city preceding to marriage (Lotz 88). The series Broad City and Girls share some similarities with this new woman: twain shows center around a group of primarily single women in their twenties reinforcement in New York City. Thus, deal Lotzs new woman, these single women also pursue lives within a metropolis setting. period unmarried, Lotzs new woman is depicted as a successfully independent career woman in her ahead of time thirties (90). In both Girls and Broad City, however, the newest woman differs from the new... If you require to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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