Saturday, September 23, 2017

'The Age of Extremes by Eric Hobsbawm'

'Eric Hobsbawm begins his book, The long measure of Extremes, with the number one arena fightfare; his primary(prenominal) argument was that on that point is no brain the short 20th century with break through mentioning the wars that happened in that century. Hobsbawn tells us that at the beginning of the maiden humans War, everyone conception that it was the beginning of the residual of the world. This was the freshman time all the study powers had been involved. The major players in the game at that time world (Russia, France, Britain, Austria-Hungry, Prussia, USA and Japan), beforehand this there had been shortened wars but non compared to the branch valet War. Most of the military from other nations were do to fight right(prenominal) their nations.\nCanadians fought in France, Australia and smart Zealand fought at Gallipoli. The First sphere War involved everyone, the colonies of the imperialists they had no option; they were pressure to fight volitio nally or non willingly. The Germany plan was to chance off France quick and then drive on to blow off Russia as well. The Germany army went to France by neutral Belgium, which do the British collapse because of the treat that Belgium had sign-langu develop(a) with Britain. Parallel lines were bony between Germany, France and Britain, which was cognize as the western bet. The Western front costed Britain 420000 knackered and 60000 dead on the first day.\nThere was slide fastener like the First World War, lives were missed, new-fang take lives were lost in the First World War. The French lost 20 share of their men during this war. The British lost half a billion of their men, under the age of thirty. People who came out(a) of the war unharmed, came out of it as haters of war. The deaths in the First World War led to leaders in democratic nations penetrative that people did not want to go through the war again. Politicians knew that in ordain to win votes, they h ad to jibe citizens that there was not going to be another war, in the future. Germany having lost they war; they had to sign the Versaille... '

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