Saturday, January 26, 2019

Protecting staff through legislation Essay

Understand how equal pay and marginal wage laws affect credit lineUnderstand the laws against discrimination at work and during recruitmentUnderstand concern correctlys of workersUnderstand health and safety lawsA minority of small businesses will treat staff unfairly to protect them is the legislation Act.Equal contain Act Created in 1970 the equal pay good turn means a person of a different sex cannot be paid less(prenominal) simply because they are a fille/boy. An example of this is football premiership football players foil paid well over 500,000 yet the players on the girls team only get paid a member of it. If the owner of a company is doing this he/she would be breaking the laws. tokenish Wage Act Only enforced 11 years ago, the minimum wage act was made as many companies were taking service of people needing jobs and paying them a tiny amount of money.Discrimination statute law First introduced in 1976 and then again in 1996 the discrimination act prevents candi dates skin colours, backgrounds, religions or even disabilities to be a factor in the owner deciding weather he/she gets the job.Employment Rights To give employees the right to capture sick pay, maternity/paternity leave and holidays.Health And golosh Acts The right to be safe in the working environment. If this was not a law then if someone is injured for example because someone forgot to hang-up water off a keyboard after spilling water onto it and it giving the employee an electric shock then the company could get away with it and blame the employee. command acts are laws enforced by the government. Without them there would be complete kayos. Companies would promptly cut costs and thousands of people would suffer. For example if a company could get a hold of a person to do something for 1 an instant when they are currently paying 6 an hour they would happily take the other person onboard.

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