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Riding a Bike vs Driving a Car

Brian Morris Dr. Bunnell 11/25/2012 Revised Draft Comp atomic number 18/Contrast Essay spring chicken children always hit that age where all they want to do is study how to ride a bike well for the around part puppylike children. They pray for a new hertz for Christmas and the solar day hits them like cookery on a school night, that they most likely forgot most. Many bind the audacity to try to perk with come on t rain downing wheels, but usually fail. oer time they start to realize in that location are bigger and burst things in life such as acquire how to purpose a simple machine. They constantly beg their parents to let them practice driving or to urinate their hands on a pair of new auto keys.Both learning how to hinge upon a car and learning how to ride a bicycle surprisingly have many differences as well as similarities. acquire how to ride a bike starting off to some whitethorn seem easy, but is generally difficult to most. Learning this is virtuoso of t he most popular as well as important tasks to growing up. Ones remains is simply not used to the gravitational pull and balance when their feet father liftoff, ending at the landing zone of the foot pedals. Most use up the assistance of training wheels to begin practice of move a bike. With these, there is a total of four wheels, making little(a) to no respective(prenominal) balancing expertness.Training wheels also help hatful learn to control their pedaling speed, movement, and turning. once training wheels are taken off, the true test to be passed is roughly to begin. These next few steps to locomote a bike with perfection are much various than learning how to drive a car. Stumbling and move all oer is a constant problem when starting to ride a bike. On the some other hand, a person asst fall over when driving in a car With practice, learning to ride in a straight line eventually is a piece of patty. Next is learning how to turn period pedaling forward. The tric k is not to execute ones entire body mend turning.This will simply makes people regress their balance and therefore, fall. Again, practice is key to be able to turn decent with a stabilized balance. Finally, braking is the final thing to learn. This is the simplest, and skunk be through with(p) with little practice. Brakes are located by the handlebars on a bicycle, man the brakes are located by the feet when driving. Some people say learning to sync ones feet to use the brakes in a car is like learning how to write with another hand. When one can fully ride a bicycle, there are huge advantages and differences over driving a car.First, people can get fit from riding a bicycle around Sitting in a car seat instead of pedaling with legs is not going to help someone suffer weight. Yet another difference amid the two is cars release pollutants into the atmosphere, while bicycles release 100% clean energy. Teenagers go crazy the day they hear, Congratulations, you passed your dri vers examination. To be able to hear those magic words, it takes true time and dedication. The day a teenager obtains their learners permit, their world changes. They start obsessing about learning how to drive but there are abilities that need to be learned.First, they must learn how to aright use the gas and brake pedals. This may be one of the easiest to some, but the hardest to others. A common error is confusing the brake between the gas which can be extremely drastic. Next, they must learn how to turn, and to be able to understand their surroundings. Drivers need to know much more about their surroundings, than bicyclists in general. There are literally hundreds of street signs that must be interpreted to get a drivers license. On the contrary, there are little to no street signs used for bicyclists, except in some areas.Finally, practicing to drive in a variety of weather conditions are the final skill that must be achieved to be a good driver. Snow and rain are the major w eather types that make driving, as well as bicycling difficult. unprompted a car legally is a fringe benefit and truly has distinct differences. One major difference between riding a bike and driving a car, is that when driving, there is a dowry more practice involved. There are also no licenses or permits for riding a bicycle. Using a bicycle as a form of transportation is much cheaper, being that the average bicycle is $40-$1000, while the average car generally ranges from $750-$25,000.Another difference is that in driving, there are many more aspects to take into consideration that require attention. On the other hand, there are multiple similarities between driving a car and riding a bike. The main one is that with time and dedication, twain of these abilities can be achieved. Also, major coordination as well as focus is inevitable to be able to do either tasks. Finally, there needs to be a form of assisting, such as parents or a champ to teach someone how or to practice d riving/riding a bike. How can these two topics relate to an adults life?Both of these also are a great form of transportation that have been used for age and many more to come. Drivers need to be wary about bicyclists, and frailty versa. Cars as well as bicycles also need to be properly checked often on their tire pressure, and even brake lines. Driving on a flat tire or having worn out brake lines can be quite the unexpected occurrence. In conclusion, learning how to ride a bike and learning how to drive a car both have similarities while being two completely different skills. Riding a bike and driving a car are two forms of transportation although one is faster than the other.They both require a large amount of hand-eye coordination although bicycling requires more balance. Learning how to ride a bike is a milestone in a young childs life, while learning how to drive a car is a milestone in a teenagers life. A big part of learning how to ride a bike and learning how to drive a c ar is putting in the time and effort and getting enough practice. Without practice and determination, the skills needed for both activities would not be adequate enough for safe travel. Whether similar or different, learning how to ride a bike and learning how to drive a car are both essential lessons in ones life.

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