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Communication & Crisis Essay

some disasters happen around us that we save no control over, nor do we know what the impact exit be of these disasters long term and niggling term. On the environment surrounding us as well as what it may do to our health. Working as the director of health for my function it is my job to stay on top of much(prenominal) issues. Keeping an marrow out for such emergencies that may endanger us in our fooling living s footstep and approximately of entirely our health. I want to go through how I ability deal with such situations and how I would track it head on. While at the same time keeping the humans informed without overwhelming them as well as looking at who I would collaborate with to make this situation resolve in the smoothest and take up way possible.The issue that has come to my attention is water contamination in a certain bea. This contamination is biography threatening and needs to be acknowledged and dealt with finishedly and promptly. As I am the director o f destiny health situations I see myself and the mediator and problem solver amidst the public ( passel) and media. Those cardinal things ar there for each different vertical if you are non too careful they terminate harm each different giving out too much information or not enough or sometimes the wrong information can be harmful to on the whole told parties involved. Having such a situation on had you need to talk to the the right way people and receive on the whole the right information. I would first go to the areas that have been affected and gather all the worthy data and forms that try what chemicals are incorrect ca development this contamination.I need this information for hard copy evidence so when I play the media or speak in public I exit have all the proper information. I will also use up the CDC involved if they are not al limit involved. They will be conducting the proper tests and research to discover what the contaminated bacteria is. They will al so have the proper protocol in containing it, as well as see the damage it has done to people who have ingested it and come in contactwith it. Finding an antidote will be an other projection they will have. In such a situation you will also add in contact with the proper news channels national and local. Having my statements ready giving the media and public the help and information that they need.Communicating in each situation has its advantages and setbacks. Working in such a steep pace and high stress labor makes chat that much much measurable and not to mention difficult. Being in the health care industry means you work and deal with a lot of the same people consistently. This at times can be a good thing. You flesh alliances with them you become ac seeable to one another, you close up define each others conferences styles you become comfortable with them, in some efforts they even become your second family. Having that crutch that comfort in such a high stres s and high demand flight is needed. As I spend tongue to befor you become accountable to one another and the team work/ bond paper is unbreakable unparalleled. This kind of bond is desperately needed in such careers. Especially when you are dealing with millions of peoples lives, they alship canal count on me as director of emergency health.Providing them with the best and just close accurate information, help and solution to our health care crisis, that is no easy task and I cannot do it on my own. I use me organizations from the inside(a) and removed to give my best and keep our environment safe and clean. This same relationship is needed in any high profile type of career i.e. chief of medicine of a hospital the president of the United States. They all need to have vast communication skills with their organizations and network of people. On the other side of the spectrum you can have communication issues that can do much damage than the crisis itself. You not only need t o have base communication skills with your staff and organizations but as we fair finished discussing a great understanding and relationship with each other. If someone in the organizations you deal with mis advance on purpose for their own personal gain, whether that be to give themselves an advantage or just to give you a disadvantage, that may hinder your ability to comfort yourself and the issue you are trying to solve. Giving you more steps to complete, perchance even making you back track. Making sure you have a good relationship and communication relationship with all the organizations youdeal with inside your office and outside is key. Even if you only deal with them occasionally or if you deal with them on a regular basis.Communicating in a non-crisis situation verses a crisis situation can have its differences. The main enormousness is no matter the situation your communication should be using the basic knowledge of conversing. dialogue in a non-crisis is a little mor e relaxed, yes you still have things to get across to each other and they are somewhat important but for the most part your emotions are not running high you have yourself composed and thinking rationally. The stakes arent usually as high its not a life or heath situation. A crisis situation the emotions are running high, you are frazzled thinking a million miles a minute. Dealing with this type of communication crisis at work should be handled with a calm clear and persevering mind frame. We obviously know listening is key in any situation especially a crisis situation.I tend to be the attendant when it comes to these situations and just in general. Most likely you will have most of the people in the room (people dealing with the crisis) trying to do the lecture and not listening and we know communication is not just talking. Ive learned from experience that you need to be understanding and patient with everyone in the situation, if you want to get anywhere with solving the issu e or just communicating what you mean you need to take a minute and just breathe. Personally I have been in such similar situations onwards and it rattling makes a difference if you are the one with a nerveless head. This way of dealing with things can go for a non-health care orbit and a health care setting. I am going to give you a personal story that just so happens to be in a health care setting. About 5 years ago my grandmother was hospitalized she had leukemia and lung cancer as well as a case of pneumonia which is why she went to the hospital.While at the hospital she was infected with MRSA. Once she was diagnosed with MRSA our family went into crisis expressive style because the doctors told us the prognosis was not good at all. She basi bring upy had perhaps weeks to live. She was put on life support hoping the MRSA was clearing up and my uncles went into their communication mode. There are 7 brothers including my father and they are all stubborn Armenian men who hav e the worste communication skills ever. The wives know not to get involved too much because if was their mothers life hanging in the balanceand none of them have any medical checkup background to really understand what is going on and if they should pull the plug of keep her brisk with the machines. As we all know doctors can only tell you so much, my sister and I are the listeners of the family and we are the vice of reason when it comes to most anything. We both just so happen to be the only two with medical backgrounds I am a nurse and she is in her medical residency. We had to use our knowledge and better communication skills to inform them and really show them that my grandmother was not coming out of this after we had our what I call crisis family meeting they decided to pull the plug that evening and my grandmother passed. In any situation whether it be medical, personal or work tie in communication is the same.Something that we are just now getting comfortable using in ev eryday life as well as crisis situations is in advance(p) technology for communicating. This is a useful tool that we still need to learn how to properly use it in such crisis situations. Sending out bulk email and text messages to keep the public informed, is one of the best ways we can use social media to alert the public of ever changing crisis management issues. This has just recently eveolved into something we use in this capacity. When hurricane Katrina hit we still only used news and it was a wow new estimation to check in with loved one over facebook and twitter because all other forms of communication such as phones were down. How 5-10 years makes a area of differences.Finishing off this paper about communicating during a crisis and how you might communicate during a non-crisis be different. How you should and could deal with people that you need to communicate during a crisis. How it really is important and how much of a new billet social media is playing in crisis ma nagement. Writing this paper really make me think about how important it is to properly communicate with each other whether its for work or social. Being a good communicator is a bog key in all parts of life.Referencesde Pre , A. (2005). Communicating about health current issues and perspectives. The Mcgraw-Hill. Fulk, J., Schmitz, J., & Ryu, D.(1995, February ). Congnative elements in social construction of communication technology.Manegment Communication Quarterly , 8(3).

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