Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Barbed Wire By Mary Emeny

Mary Emenys poem, Barbed Wire, depicts war as a negative force, destroying every decent aspect of hu troops existence. Written during the Vietnam War, the depart displays Emenys negative views on war. In adept way or another(prenominal) everyone experiences and identifies with the presence of war. Although some wars are fought for justifiable reasons, every war separate into the lives of those undeserving. The tragical effect of war consume the simple creating an unconquerable cartroad of entanglement.The physical effects of war overwhelm the nave causing pain and suffering. Initially, war entangles the lives of youth, destroying the innocence that they experience as an aspect of their life. The girl gliding gracefully refine the path (1) and the boy riding eagerly down the road (9) have their pleasurable realities striped by the harshness of war. Likewise, war enters womens lives creating turmoil. The woman who works dexterously in the fields ( ) no longer is able to exper ience the offerings of life.The wire cuts, ( ) pushing her away from the normal flow of life. In addition, man undergoes tragic obstacles as a topic of war. A man walks nobly and entirely ( ) before the horrible effects of war set in on his life causing disruptions. War enters the life of man destroying the bond man shares with his beloved environment ( ). Although a great deal of physical effects exist in Emenys work, the spiritual consequences of war serve as the roughly devastating ones.The will and spirit of those amidst the harshness of war diminishes because of the seriousness of war. forward to the complexities of war, the spirit flees gleefully to the clouds, ( ) illustrating the freedom one expresses without repression. As soon as the wire catches, ( ) or the war commences, and intervenes with the lives of innocent bystanders, the innocence is lost. Furthermore, the hearts of the classic human beings experience demolition due to the irrationality of war.Before the ca tastrophe of war enters the picture, a heart goes openly to the street, ( ) showing the freedom that one possesses until the wire snares, ( ) and the sense of innocence disappears. Significantly, as a direct result of the entanglement of war, mans mind suffers pain and misfortune. A mans mind grows in prying ( ) preceding the brutality of war, exhibiting the ability of man to explore his surroundings without interference. Wars hampering of the innocent limits man to certain life experiences that repress his potential. ).Barbed Wire illustrates how the cruelty of war detracts from the innocence within and surrounding humans. Men and women languish from the actual results of war, encountering barriers when attempting to complete normal tasks. On the other hand, the spiritual consequences of war such as the repression of the mind, signify the tragedy involved when faced with war. Ultimately, war serves as an aspect of life that possesses the capacity to destroy human experiences an d beliefs.

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