Wednesday, March 20, 2019

La Ruby :: essays research papers

La Rubia      loggerheaded into the swamp bayou of houma, louisianna is a tale of a little girl who finds out who she really is and the lawfulness behind her dark past. Theres only ace way in and one way out for ruby. When she soon finds out that she has fallen in make love with her half-brother the secret becomes more twisted with details that only her granny knot knows, but wont let out.     In the bayou at a young age, madame ruby, takes up painting to ease her mind. her grandmother sees the talent she posses and urges her to become one of the greatest. she sets up here painings at thier roadside sale to earn extra money.      Deep in the swampy woods of Houma Louisianna one night, I find myself duplicity awake listening to the swamp creatures and gazing at the shodows in the moonlit night. I was anxious that this spend was supposed to be a big weekend for tourist and Grandmere and I were setting up the road-side s ale in the morning. As I lay tossing and turning in the bed the phone rang in an erie ring. I can hear Grandmere in the kitchen mummbling something, then she soon comes upstair to awake me. "Ruby, Ruby, clear up honey, we get to to go to Louises house. Shes approximately to have the baby." So I calmly get out of bed and coiffe my slippers and nite coat on. "Im coming Grandmere" I said, from atop the stairs. I went to my stick alike(p) dresser and pulled out my charm bracelet that Grandmere had given me last Christmas and attach it around my wrist. I quickly ran buckstairs and saw Grandmere waiting by the door. I noticed she was carrying some sort of black bag and the flashlight. She grabbed my present and we took off out the door, slamming the front door behind us stumbling down the steps. It was so dark that night I could barely see my pop off in front of face. Grandmere knew exactly where to go. She had lived there all her life and could get anywhere at ni ght even without a flashlight. My Grandmere was a rattling mystical lady, yet everyone believed in her powers and remedies. Grandmere has been called on more than one function for a birth. "Come on Ruby, youre walking to slow" she said about two steps in front of me as I walked through with(predicate) the swampy trees.

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