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Letter From Birmingham Jail Essay -- Papers

Letter From Birmingham JailThe American civic rights tendency through the 1950s and 60s was a turning point for our country as a whole. Probably the close to influential leader of that time was Dr. Martin Luther king, Jr. King became a leader because of his ability to captivate crowds with his powerful speeches. One of the most important garners he wrote was while he was incarcerated in Birmingham, Alabama. The letter was to eight fellow clergymen that were from Alabama. The Letter From Birmingham Jail was in response to virtually criticism from the clergymen. King calmly tries to state his purpose for his crusade for civil rights in the south. He uses three rhetorical strategies in his letter the like facts, allusions, and questions to inform the clergymen roughly what he and his people are dealing with as a wholeIn legal expert anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere said King in his letter (page 317). King asks his readers questions about him and his peoples actions and then answers them in an intelligent and strong willed manner. He asks, Why forthwith action? Why sit-ins, marches, and so forth? Isnt negotiation a emend path? (page 318). King asked the questions that the clergymen would start asked him. By asking those questions, then he can answer the questions that are main points in his letter that get through some of the actions that have been enforced in the south. This was a strong rhetorical strategy for King to persuade ... ...tegies such as facts, allusions, and questions almost as perfectly as can be used in a letter. He made his reasons concise and straight to the point. Do I regard he could have written a better letter? not at all, that was the best l etter I have ever seen in my life. Martin Luther King Jr. was a well educated man of extensive promise a meet more years. This letter was an excellent measure of his powerful words that he can produce and a undecomposed example of his extreme intelligence. I am going to leave you a question to think about. How could the country as a whole have been different with Martin Luther King Jr. around this world a couple years longer?BibliographyThe Dolphin Reader- Lee Sulton 1997

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