Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Letter From Friends Essay

We arrived at our destination a few days back, you efficiency have heard of it. Its that ranch near Soledad, I rec every last(predicate) u work outed ab turn up 5 mile south of here a few months back.Lennie and me are doing alright, were working hard and saving m superstar(a)y. Lennie tranquillise big stupid and low most probable the way you recollect him, you know him. Hr still wants to stroke and pet those stupid rabbits. romaine of that he got us kicked out of weed. All the dumb bastard cherished to do was feel that little girls dress. We had to hide in a desert for a few hours, but luckily we slicked out at night. We travelled for days looking for work until I found out this oneThis ranch were working at is okay, but I have my worries about nearly people. My main worry is that tart of a wife Curley has, whenever she around us men she loves flirt. So when Curley see this he goes mad and try to pick a fight like he did with Lennie but Lennie busted his hand, but any way li kes to fight everyplace nothing. So we t gaga him if tell the boss what happen we would tell everyone what Lennie had done to his hand.We met wads of people. I have already told you about Curley and his tart of a wife. in that respects the boss who is no too pleased with us romaineineine we came late and theres Slim who everyone respects. Theres to a fault Candy with his frump who is not like everyone cos its old and smelly, but especial by a man called Carlson who today killed the dog by shooting it. And theres that good Negro Crooks who is called Crooks cos he got kicked by horse and it made him cripple.Our bunkhouse is bull crap cos the bed bad. I suppose it better then sleeping on the floor. But the worst thing is that the bottles of insecticides are put in the room. So the room stinks, but it does keep flies away.That fool Curley worries me cos all he want is it fight. He always wants to pick on some for no reason. If its not Lennie, its me or its some one else he want t o pick on. I think if no one stops him or he dont stop so far though Lennie busted his hand. Ill tell Lennie to kill him, I avow to ya willPete do ya call in that dream that we had, it could it could come true cos of that man called.Candy. Me and lennie were pour forthing about the dream and he was listening, then we stared talk about the dream with him. So candy wants to be apart of it. His tied(p) got $450 dollars and he said he will put it towards the ranch. So I said ok.It will be so great not having a boss to tell ya to work or out of his ranch. Do ya remember about that promise we made to each other. That one where, if one of us got a ranch the other would work on it. So Im going to keep my promise and ask you to come work on this ranch if we get it.Lennie wants to say hello. He just reminded. O yea did I tell ya Lennie going to get a whelp of that man, Slim.Write back please. Hope to hear from u soon

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