Thursday, March 7, 2019

Locked in the Cabinet Essay

Democracy is a form of governing body where plurality harbor a right enabling them to have a say in everything that affects their lives. However, our government is not a direct democracy, and as such, individuals argon not empowered or able to have a say in the inner- running(a)(a)s of their government. Their whimsys are not heard as often as they would like, and they are given pocket-size to no opportunities to decide what the government will do. The mean(a) citizen has little access to political power, and as a result little influence in the government.But if whizz individual chooses to change the government, and places that as their goal, thence they have a chance of altering the system that governs their lives. If single such as Robert Reich works heavy towards their goal, then they preserve perhaps change the government to some degree. Robert Reich was an reasonable man who had strong beliefs, and among those beliefs was the belief that to serve plenty was just. H is career in law began as a law clerk to a judge, and he all told the sametu bothy worked his way to the take away of Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton.All of the conviction that Reich spent in Clintons cabinet was dedicated towards attempting to make his humors bear fruit. Although in the book Reich is the Secretary of Labor, he did not start out in this property. He worked his way up from the position of a law clerk, as I have previously stated, to a job that came with some measure of power. Reich attained this place in the government through his own efforts, and by showing that he had ideas suitable to engage in the role of Secretary of Labor. Reich is just one example of an fair person with true passion for their beliefs who was able to make a passing in the government.In Reichs book, he talks about how an average person named Steve Wandner had an idea to reduce unemployment. Reich explains that Steves idea was when unemployed people claimed that they wer e unemployed, that they had to be screened to find out whether or not they were permanently set(p) off so that they could find new jobs faster. Steve worked hard in run for his idea to be heard, and after world ignored several times, Reich gave him the direction his idea deserved. Later, Wandners idea became an official law. Anyone can make a difference in the government if they work hard to reach a position where it is possible.During Robert Reichs stay a part of President Clintons cabinet, he followed a strong belief in putting the people first. He cared deeply about share the unemployed entertain new jobs and to retrain them in order to have better functional skills, and in that same vein, better jobs further down the road. Reich besides cute to raise the token(prenominal) wage, show people the inequality of income in America, and more more. Reichs ideas were not in any way offensive or unfair, he simply wanted to help people first quite than putting full attention on government issues such as reducing the deficit.Because of this, some of his ideas were igored and rejected by the members of Clintons moderate administration. For example, during one of his meeting with Bill Ford, chairman of the House of Representatives Education and Labor Committee, Reich try to explain to him the idea of retraining American workers. Reich ended up being yelled at and his idea rejected. Although many of Reichs ideas were disregarded by other members of government he continued to pursue his goal of helping the working class of America. Reich was rather winnerful in performing his duties as Secretary of Labor.One of his successes was helping pass the Family and Medical Leave Act. It allowed working class families to have more time off from work if they were hurt or had a child. He was in addition successful in convincing President Bill Clinton in aiding the people rather than the government. In doing so Clinton decided to pass a law in raising the minimum wage 90 cents. This pleased many of the working class of America. Finally, Reich was also able to set up several reforms in order to help provide more jobs for the unemployed. For example, Reich gave 3 million dollars to a job common snapping turtle helping people trying to get employment.Even though he want able to pass a law to retrain workers, he still managed to work hard and complete some of his goals. Reich was ignored by many government officials during his term as Secretary of Labor, and this greatly hindered his chances of acquire his goals finished. But while this may be true, this was not the center of his experiences as the Secretary of Labor. Reich was aiming towards retraining Americans, and he is not the only one who has seen this as a valuable idea. Freddie Ray Marshall was the Secretary of Labor for treasure Carter, and he shared many similar ideas with Reich.Both men were working to provide jobs for others, and they both were trying to get workers to be retrained. (F . Ray Marshall) If workers could get more training, they can possibly get better jobs. He also is a teacher, like Reich. However, unlike Reich, Marshall was able to pass many programs and to help reduce unemployment. I would say that some of Reichs experiences were eccentric to his time as the Secretary of Labor, and that others were not. In conclusion, Reich was a man who fought all alone for his beliefs, and was more successful in some areas than in others.To diagnose him a failure is a little harsh, and to call him a success depends on your political views. All in all, Reich did what he felt would be best for the people who have little say in the government. Reich can be seen as a prime example of one who worked hard to have their voice heard, and as one who made a difference, even if it wasnt as big a difference as he wouldve liked. Reich really seemed like he was a kind individual (but then again, he wrote the book) and even if he did not succeed in all his plans, he still ch anged some things for the better.

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