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The Complex and Effective Structure of Ethan Frome :: Ethan Frome Essays

The Complex and Effective Structure of Ethan Frome People stomach often pondered the reasons for the richness of Edith Whartons novel, Ethan Frome. What is it that ca expends this story to be considered an all-time American classic? One journalist quotes a humanities professor at MIT who states that, We turn to Wharton because the truths she tells are a bracing tonic in a culture steeped in cloying sentimentality. The journalist goes on to describe the typical, popular story and how they often have endings where romantic ideals are magically fulfilled... There is much more to Ethan Frome than scarce an unhappy ending to contrast with the m any other stories that have crystalized and sanguine endings. At first glance, the ending of Ethan Frome may appear to be only depressing. In truth, Wharton offers the reader a complex ending finished the careful incorporation of poetic justice and irony. Although when we are young, we commonly obtain ourselves gravitating to books with predictable endings that leave the protagonist and us with what we want, as we mature we mother a hunger for different, more thoughtful or realistic solutions. This is non to say, however, that we can be satisfied solely through the reading of any story that concludes with mere tragedy. The reason why the book Ethan Frome is so astray read is because there is a great deal of technique git the element of mere tragedy. Edith Wharton is able to distinguish her novel through the use of irony. Irony has been the defining element of many great pieces of literature throughout time. The use of irony dates back all the way to ancient Greece when it was employ by Sophocles in the play Oedipus Rex. Irony was also a linchpin element in many of Shakespeares works and appears in many storied short stories. In Ethan Frome, Ethan ends up falling in love with Mattie who at the time seems young and effervescent in comparison to his sickly, deteriorating wife. In attemp ting to on the loose(p) himself and Mattie from his commitment to Zeena, Ethan ends up causing Mattie to become paralyzed, taking with it her previous, lively characteristics. completely the household responsibilities then fall into the hands of Zeena who is ultimately the most active of the three.

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