Sunday, April 14, 2019

Essay About Stereotyping Essay Example for Free

Essay or so Stereotyping EssayChimamanda Adichie uses the phrase The Danger of a Single Story. She states it robs people of dignity. It come upons our recognition of our equal humanity difficult. It emphasizes how we argon different rather than how we are similar. Adichie was referring to stereotyping or is what she calls The Danger of a Single Story. A wiz story is an oversimplified, usually pejorative, attitude people hold toward those outside ones own take care who are different. Adichie says The single story creates classs, and the problem with assorts is not that they are untrue, notwithstanding that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story. When she stated that it brought me back to my childhood because I remember as a young African American girl growing up with a bunch of Caucasians. I utilise to get judged because I was black and legion(predicate) kids design that I came from Africa and that I wasnt smart or that I didnt have the ability to read or write because I was African American. They were basically calling me dumb and were grouping all African Americans in that category and I just thought oh they were just joking around, scarcely I came to realize that they werent joking.They were kids who were saying things that they have over hear about in their household or have been taught growing up. Stereotyping is still an issue in bon ton today and I feel as though everyone stereotypes. There are many another(prenominal) different viewpoints from every individual in the world from their race, background, gender, as well as their years groups. According to Joi Downing, stereotyping is formed many different ways and for many different intellects. Joi states that stereotyping is formed to describe a person or to make judgments about a person. She believes they are formed by social media and what people where taught when growing up. Downing says she doesnt believe that they were formed in todays time but that they h ave evolved from the past. She believes the only reason people stereotype is because that is how they were raised and/or they are just doing what they saw when they were growing up. She states Ive seen this get in front of my eyes and I knowmany people like this.Downing has reasons and is current that well-nigh people just stereotype because they see other people doing it so they do the corresponding and then there are others who are just doing what they were taught. Although Anthony has the same views as Joi, they differ in many ways. Anthony argues that most people do not advisedly mean to pass judgment on people, as yet others do. He states Personally, I think it is part of human nature to place things into categories. But, over time, we as people have learned how to classify people and things into certain groups depending on color, race, size, or economic stability. He says that most people simply and innocently assume that due to similarities between individuals or things , they can be mechanically categorized. Anthony states that Sometimes we end up placing them into a category that has nothing to do with them, but because they seem to determine or act similar to something, we automatically assume they are the same.Anthony believes that everyone automatically stereotypes no matter what, but dont mean to. Joi and Anthony have just about the same views on single stories, but their views are a little different in some aspects. Anthony argues that people do not intentionally mean to pass judgments on people, but Joi thinks a little differently. She believes that most people just stereotype because they see other people doing it, so they are intentionally meaning to judge or stereotype others. As Anthony being an older Caucasian male, he has different ways of looking at stereotyping than Joi being a young African American female. There are different viewpoints abut stereotyping from many races, age groups as well as gender.

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