Saturday, April 6, 2019

My Favourite Book Essay Example for Free

My Favourite Book EssayLots of people read ragtime intelligence operationpapers. Tabloid nespapers are read by lots of people. 2. Sue Green reads the news on television. The news on television is read by Sue. 3. The witness is helping the police. The police is being helped by the witness. 4. The newspapers arent create the photographs. The photographs arent published by the newspapers. 5. The police have arrested the driver. The driver has been arrested by the police. 6. The thief had taken the painting in the lead the gard woke up. The paintinghad been taken before the guard woke up. 7. The company will deliver the flowers the abutting day. The flowers will be delivered the next day. 8. The government is dismission to give every school student a computer. A computer is going to be given to the every school student by the government. 9. You can buy a snip on the train. A Magazinecan be boughton the train. (by you) 10. My deflower made a pop video. The pop videowas made by my sister. Complete this radio news report using a passive gain on the verbs in the brackets Good afternon .The lunch time news today will be read(read) by John Houard. The flower minister has visited a primary school in Ipswich where she (meet)has been metby the children and their teachers. She opened a new sports centre that (build)was make with money raised by the parents and teachers. Another $20 000 (need)are needed to finish the swimming pool so more money raising activities ( organise)will be organised for the summer months. Earlier today a assemblage of pensioners was in accident when their coach (hit)was hit by dray. The pensioners (help )were helped by local people until ambulances arrived.Most the passanger (alow)wasnt alowed to go home immediately, but thoose with more serious injuries (take)have been taken to Norwich central hospital later today. Witnesses say that the lorry (drive)was being drivingtoo fast. Rewrite the sentences using have/get something done 1. I will ask somebody to repair my school bag. I will have my school bag repaired . 2. My sisters car is being seviced. My sister is getting her car serviced . 3. Someone is testing my fathers eyes. My father is getting his eyes tasted . 4. The grass is too desire I will pay someone to cut it. I will get the grass cut. . 5.I have taken my trousers to the cleaners. I have had my trousers cleaned. Rewrite the descriptions using compound adjectives 1. A skiing holiday that is two weeks long. Two-week skiing holiday is too long for me. 2. A baby who is sixsome months old. Six month-old baby is very healthy. 3. A men with white hair. White-haired man is old and lovely. 4. A flight of six hours. Six-hour flight is boring. 5. A carpet made by hand. Handmade carpet is beautiful. Circle the correct preposition to form multipart verbs 1. When we have visiters we turn off/over the television. 2.My father always goes to sleep with television turned on/over. . My sister turns on/overthe cha nnel to annoy me. 4. I turn down/to volume during the advertisements. 5. When I emergency to watch football I turn to/upmy mom for support. Circle the correct words in the latter(prenominal) Dear Colleague, On the 14th of june we will be holding a party to celebrate/ solemnization to success of our latest game show/opera. As you know, Win a Car Is very touristed/popularity and it will be good publish/publicityto hold a big thank-you party for stuff and sure-fire players. The organise/organisation of the party is being done by my assistent. Yours faithfully.

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