Sunday, May 5, 2019

E-Commerce Strategy Truly Scrumptious Assignment

E-Commerce Strategy Truly Scrumptious - Assignment ExampleOur company headingive is to merchandise a variety of traditional and non-traditional sweets, package them and distribute them to retailers across UK. While we have a tidy network of retailers who carry our goods, we have no way to reach flat to our consumers or to market directly to them. In this regard there is an opportunity for Truly Scrumptious for appendd market penetration and to stag to individuals who would like to purchase our sweets at the square sale prices or in greater quantity. While the cost in opening our own distribution outlet can run extremely high, including rental, shop inner(a) and exterior, recruiting and training counter salespeople, a change in distribution routes and marketing - a much much efficient and technology enabled option is to invest in a company website. Objectives and design of Website The main object of the website is to communicate with our consumers, to tell them about the qual ity and variety of our harvest-tides and to persuade them to purchase the sweets on at least a trial basis. Our long term plan get out be to retain a true consumer base of individuals who become regular visitors to our website and purchase consistently. The e-commerce strategy will be a StoreFront model- providing totally the traditional options of a physical store in a digital medium for the client. The secondary objectives will be to provide a forum for customer feedback and product information for interested retailers who wish to write down a business relationship with us. In order to fulfill these objectives the website will need to have received features 1. An attention grabbing, yet focused and uncluttered design 2. Product categories will be neatly fit(p) out and leisurely to access 3. Pricing, ingredients and nutrition information will be available with each product description 4. The product description should be catchy and attractive 5. Shopping cart and online pay ment options, with easy save and change 6. Comments sections 7. Customer service communication options 8. Discounts, bundle pricing and other promotions 9. A stop page for interested vendors and retailers with contact and product information These features will be catered specifically towards a customer base of the middle and upper-middle class who are comfortable with online shopping and treat sweets like an indulgent pleasure. The whole website experience should be easy to navigate with eye catching visuals and elegant descriptions which will grab the refs attention and convenient use of shopping cart and payment options will allow impetus buying. The E-retailing atmosphere is steadily getting crowded. New merchants are appearing every day and through round-the-clock reviewing of operations and strategy websites are competing for the top spots of the industry. For our website to break through clutter, attract traffic and increase sales we need to have a clear, focused objectiv e from the start. Technical and Practical steps The website construction will involve three main steps namely 1) Content and designing 2) Hosting the website (external storage, capacity and bandwidth etc) 3) selling and promotion. Afterwards our main priority will be maintenance, updating content and reviewing impact on sales. The material sales, distribution and customer service will still be controlled by the respective parts with support from the IT department in integrating the physical aspects

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