Tuesday, May 28, 2019

I Hate Shopping Essay -- Personal Narrative, essay about myself

Sometimes feel that I am not a normal woman. Most women enjoy going from one store to another, looking for a blouse, only to go back to the first store to get the blouse they looked at first. I hate obtain. Shopping wastes my time, wastes my energy, and, if I do the typical woman routine, wastes my money. So, do not ask me to go to the mall for the evening because I volition respectfully decline. I hate shopping. I hate to be in the shoe department of a store. It seems that I always have to wait for the salesperson who is waiting on Mrs. Shoe Queen. She is trying on twenty pairs while I impatiently pace the carpet to threads. This is what I mean by shopping is a waste of time. I, on the other hand, know what I want to purchase before I leave the house. My steps for shopping are first, tell on a list second, go directly to the item and finally, go straight to the cash register. By following this simple plan, no extra time is insensible in my shopping adventures. Not only my time is in demand, and I try to use it wisely, but my energy is limited. I ...

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