Wednesday, May 29, 2019

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Loves FaultsThe novel, Mother Tongue, is a great example of the misuse of enjoy today. The author, Demetria Martinez, tells the tale of a woman that waterfall in love with a Salvadoreo refugee. Jos Luis is a soldier in the Salvadorian army that flees to the United States where he begins a love affair with a young person woman, Mary. From my prospective, the emotions they shared were not of love, but rather emotions that arose from false pretenses. Like so many relation-ships in our society today, the word love is taken for granted. Relationships are embarked upon without servant of the repercussions. Divorce rates are a great example how relationships are not being started for the right reasons. Love is abused because of humans innate desire to love, unwieldy feeling to search for it, and be loved despite their failure to develop the necessary foundations for true love.The yearning for affection is one of lifes greatest mysteries. This longing has take to many misconception s of love. The greatest factor in the delusion of love is lust often the emotions that arise from eroticism are mistaken for the true euphoric acquire that is true love. Another factor that contributes to false love is loneliness, which is a feeling that all people know and avoid tremendously. As in Marys case, her judgement was cloud by her misinterpretation of what she believed to be love. Mary was unable to realize that what appeared to be love was not truly love, I courted disaster, set out to love a man I knew full well would go away. (Pg. 27) The combination of lust, loneliness, and Marys undying need for love that created a rude awakening for her. Mankinds intense yearning for love leads him to what seems to be an unending search for it. Man spends too much time searching for love but not fully understanding its purpose. Love is a gift from one person to another, and thus it has the ability to posses many different meanings. Often, in search of love people fall into the trap of trying to manipulate love to suit personal fantasies of what it should be. Frequently spending their time convincing themselves of what they can change about the other, instead of how they can work to accept them. I was one of those women whose fate is to take a war out of a man, or at least imagine she is doing so.

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