Thursday, June 13, 2019

Assertive Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Assertive Communication - Essay ExampleAssertive communication entails expressing ones point of view in a way of life that is direct and clear while exuding respect. The communication is diplomatic and effective style because it is founded on mutual respect (Blokdijk, 2015). For freshman students at Bellevue College, assertive communication with their instructors is grievous because their needs will better cater for, and it will help of constructive relationships, minimization of conflicts. Students are always taught to concede to their instructors, but through assertive communication, they flock avoid resentment, frustration, avoidance, and anxiety. There are three important elements of assertive communication. The first element is validation or empathy. It means that one is trying to say something that reflects an arrest of the other persons feelings. The second element is a statement of the problem. This describes a persons dissatisfaction with the current situation and it rev eals why something needs to change. Lastly, it contains a statement of what a person wants. Assertive communication is a specific request for a change in the other persons attitude, approach, or behavior (Blokdijk, 2015).

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