Friday, July 19, 2019

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Buy or Build a Successful Internet Business Reprinted with permission of Many people who don’t make their living online believe that the Internet has become very crowded. They are convinced that there are now few opportunities to develop a hugely successful online business. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have launched several websites that were late comers in very crowded niche markets. These websites now dominate their perspective niches and each generates a six figure profit – before the government takes their huge share for contributing nothing. Of course, there are mainstream areas that have become extremely saturated. These markets are easily identified by the absurd pay per click (PPC) costs for keyword phrases targeted at these markets. To succeed you will have to cater products or services to a niche market. The majority of people who start an online businesses do so with little thought and no planning. They find a wholesaler who dropships products directly to customers and then they build a web site. The barriers to entry are non existent. Any a high school student with a parent’s credit card can quickly build a web site, pay for keywords on PPC engines and have a sale all within a few hours. This works because that student comes in at the lowest price and is thrilled making 10% margins or $200 dollars a week. If you wish to develop a successful eCommerce business then it is very helpful if you can create high barriers to entry. As an example, having the exclusive right to distribute a product over the Internet or distributing a product you manufacturer would create high entry barriers. If you don’t currently have access to any exclusive products or services then consider approaching companies who do not market their goods via the Internet and secure an exclusive right to offer their products or services online. Another method of creating high barriers to entry is just plain hard work. When I developed my website for schools there were already many similar websites on the internet. Each of these websites provided information on ten to thirty different schools. I launched my website with information on over 600 schools and within a few months I was the highest ranked website in this category. In general, if I can’t offer ten times what is being offered by established websites in a market niche then I don’t enter an established market.

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