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LITERATURE REVIEW Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 2

LITERATURE REVIEW - Essay Example † In the same context, the paper therefore seeks to establish the different ethical issues that may affect the running of a multinational company. This is important because the success of human resource management of any company is highly dependent on ethical issues put in place by the entire management board. According to Trevino and Nelson (2012, p.215), ethical issues regardless of the cultural situation are defined by primary and secondary stakeholders. The paper will therefore bring into view the different ethical issues as indicated by the Abraham’s Stakeholder model and try to figure out the strength of these ethical issues as would determine the success of human resource management and progressive development in a company operating multi-nationally. Stakeholders That Determine Company Ethics Business partners Partnership in a business can be a much polarised issue when unethical business actions are put in place by one organization. According to Pige (2002, p.4), a business will run effectively if the business partners perceive it as being beneficial to them. In this case, they are bound to support each other in their various capacities and the various business entities. For instance, if Western Airlines is a company that benefits the economy of a non-western nation like China, the business partners in China will support its operations there. However, if there is suspicion of market dominance by the Chinese partners, there is bound to be creation of unethical business acts to scare away the market from the Western Airlines. This creates a very complicated system in the management of the foreign company as unethical acts may require a lot of public relations to regain the diminishing glory (Phillips, 2011, p. 81). In this case, the issue of â€Å"who or what counts† come in and there is a high level misunderstanding. However, if these two companies have a sound business partnership, there will be a high level ethical business partners hip and ability to create good public relations to each other (Kardys, 2012, p. 2). Customers These are the modest reasons for the existence of any company. From a background perspective, Regelbrugge (1998, p.3) indicates that any business must do all it takes to create a high level market for its products. This is in line with expansion of the customers and rendering their needs to their satisfaction. Any unethical act that hurts the customers goes a long way in alienating a company from a market. Multinational companies in the same way face a very tricky situation in trying to maintain the same in the wake of the unethical issue. A recent article by Soni (2009, p.4) maintained the same idea by insisting that if company staffs mishandle a customer, it may go a long way in becoming unethical in the entire customer society. The business will therefore lose a high level customer base to its competitors who are always at standby to initiate these into their company products. Employees Ethics inside an organization has not been a recent issue. As indicated earlier, the motivation to work effectively is levelled towards the beneficial factors that can be realised at the end of the whole process. Employees always have competing goals. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, there is always a need to be happy and the need for satisfaction comes in. The management levels in all organizations however are never the same. Some are horizontal while

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