Saturday, July 27, 2019

Problem solving Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Problem solving - Research Paper Example According to Raj et al (2014), as most organizations embrace the technology they come to a realization that cloud computing only increases value to the organization but with little challenges during adoption. Some of the notable benefits recorded with this technology include greater scalability, availability, quick access to infrastructure and reliability (Raj et al, 2014). Vendors of the cloud computing services include dell, IBM, Amazon, google, Microsoft and Oracle. IBM, one of the pioneers of cloud computing technology has been offering cloud computing to all users of the technology for the last decade. They have several products that cater for the different levels of users such as IT leaders, developers and business leaders. For instance, the Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for integrating the IT infrastructure and applications for the IT leaders. The Platform as a service (PaaS) such as Bluemix platform enables the developers to create apps very fast. IBM also allows business leaders to run their daily business processes more efficiently and effectively using their wide range SaaS business applications (IBM, 2015). Amazon has been another major player in the field of cloud computing, they are one of the most preferred providers of private, public and hybrid cloud services. Their services are widely used by the health care organizations particularly for next generation DNA sequencing. In a recent summit in San Francisco, the company announced new services and improvements to their existing cloud computing services (Amazon Web Services, Inc., 2015). These new services include the Amazon WAM for deployment and management of apps for Amazon work spaces. Amazon has been the lead providers of cloud computing services such as the AWS and EC2 cloud services. During the summit, they introduced the AWS market place for the desktop applications. Additionally, Amazon introduced an

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