Saturday, August 24, 2019

Employee Performance Appraisal Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Employee Performance Appraisal Systems - Essay Example This essay declares that there are various benefits of these techniques; however, they are not without some limitations. Below, the paper is going to highlight the importance of employee appraisals, the reason why they are important, the benefits and banes of performance appraisals and more importantly, the legal implication of employee appraisals wrapping up the paper with a conclusive statement. This paper makes a conclusion that there are various researches conducted on the subject of employee performance appraisal. The basic concept is that employee appraisal has always been considered the task of the employer rather than considering in the element of a 360 degree evaluation. A 360 degree appraisal has several benefits that can be summed by saying that the evaluation works on all levels and provides a more comprehensive, well rounded approach to performance appraisals. Some researchers propose that self appraisals be made part of the appraisal process to evaluate work performance. Self appraisals however, are also studied to be more lenient, less variable and less discriminant with less halo effect as well. This is probably because the employee knows the amount of work they have done, how much effort they have put in, but leniency arises when employees consider themselves on an easier scale and project themselves positively than normal. However, problem areas of self appra isals become magnified in areas where decision making capability needs to be evaluated, along with identifying training need and applied criteria of elevation in terms of tasks and processes. (Murphy and Margulies, 1980) The research also points out that employee self appraisal is a method that falls in the same category as employer appraisal as it helps develop the employee's motivation and helps him or her participate in management. Murphy

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