Monday, August 12, 2019

Propaganda methods that Bush uses in his speech on Iraqi threat and Research Paper

Propaganda methods that Bush uses in his speech on Iraqi threat and fact checking his speech - Research Paper Example Convincing people is an art and convincing people regarding a series of lies is mastery. A base that the mass consider as neutral is of utmost importance before the process of convincing a mass through a general address gets started. Besides, highlighting the negative points of the opponent acts as a positive catalyst that slowly but surely moulds the crowd in favour of the speaker. This action was followed by Hitler as a justification of the Second Great War and echoed in his vein vaunt regarding the superiority of German race over others. The Junior Bush taking the cue from the leaders who initiated war on the false ground, created a background to attack Iraq that eventually erupted like a volcano on Iraqi people and proved once again that war mostly happens owing to economic reasons rather than due to security ground. President Bush emerged as a great craftsman with his words in his speech that he delivered on Iraq in Cincinnati, Ohio. An air of fellow feeling spread quickly around the hall when he addressed the present audience as â€Å"Thank you all. Thank you for that very gracious and warm Cincinnati welcome. I’m honoured to be here tonight; I appreciate you all coming† (Bush). Without any further back ground Mr. Bush moved directly to the grave danger that is looming large on the world peace and generating from the old enemy of America and thus the rest of the peace loving world. Whoever can it be other than Iraq? He moves on to state the time frame of violation that Iraq has been indulged in following the first gulf war. Whether it is biological weapon or nuclear weapon; Iraq has vested least faith on the maintenance of the 11 years old treaty. Bush also harped the 9/11 disaster and once again disclose the vulnerable situation of the Americans from attacks generating from the M iddle East. His main point of attack was the Iraqi President Saddam Hussein whom Bush thinks to be disarmed with utmost importance. The

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