Monday, September 23, 2019

Challenges of Older Workers in America Research Paper

Challenges of Older Workers in America - Research Paper Example Many of the employers in America are of the view that the productivity and efficiency of the older workers are lower as compared to the same traits in the young employees. Therefore, majority of the employers in America are not very interested in recognizing the contributions of older workers properly. While deciding promotions, incentives and salary hikes, employers often consider the needs of younger employees only. Moreover, when employers are deciding to reduce the number of employees, older employees often come in the list as the first priority. This paper analyses various challenges older workers in America face. Introduction As with many other demographic groups, older workers’ unemployment overall and long-term unemployment rates have increased dramatically since the recession began in 2007. In December 2011, the unemployment rate for older workers was 6.0 percent, up from 3.1 at the start of the recession, but down from its peak of 7.6 percent in February 2010. In par ticular, long-term unemployment rose substantially, and at a greater rate for older than younger workers. By 2011, 55 percent of unemployed older workers had been actively seeking a job for more than half a year (27 weeks or more) (â€Å"Many Experience Challenges Regaining Employment and Face Reduced Retirement Security†, 2012). ... heir homes or apartments, and approximately half have been looking for work for more than a year† (â€Å"Older Low-Income Workers Face Historic Crisis†, n.d.). These statistics clearly suggest that the social security of the older generation of America is in danger at present because of various reasons such as recession, economic crisis and many other social factors. It should be noted that the young in America are not interested in protecting their parents nowadays. Because of that, many of the unemployed parents are facing huge financial problems. They need enough money to seek the services of charity organizations when they are in need of some kind of assistance. In short, unemployment problems among older workers are not only an economic problem but also a social problem. In short, challenges facing by older workers are an important problem in America now, and it is extremely important to get more insights into this topic. Review of Literature: Challenges of Older Wo rkers in America According to Richard W. Johnson (2010), â€Å"On average, laid-off male workers 50–61 who become reemployed earn 15 percent less on the new job than the old job, and those age 62 and older earn 21 percent less† (p.2). He has also pointed out that age discrimination prevails in American workplaces. He states: In 2008, 15 percent of workers age 55–61 reported that their employers give preference to younger workers over older workers in promotion decisions. Low-skilled older men are especially likely to report this type of discrimination: 29 percent of men who did not complete high school and 20 percent of high school graduates claimed that their employers preferred younger workers, compared with 13 percent of men who had attended college (p.2). According to Tomiko Thomas, program

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