Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies Assignment - 3

Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies - Assignment Example According to the research findings there are a number of marketing and branding strategies followed by Tesco. The retail giant provides various schemes to customers with the motive of improving the quality of customer service. The schemes such as, First Class Service Initiative and Loyalty Card, place greater emphasis on the customer delight compared to customer services. These are the finest customer retention strategies utilized by the company. Giving personalized services in a cost effective manner is the key motive of Tesco in order to attract more consumers. Besides that, Tesco has launched a number of magazines to draw the customers’ attention towards the products offered. The magazines published had a unique combination of advertisements and articles related to the offerings. These also served as a means of distributing the promotional coupons.As the paper discusses  the corporate level strategy that is implemented by the Tesco management involves diversification, exp ansion, own brand food promotion, regular technological up-gradation, healthy supplier relation and stakeholder satisfaction.  Tesco has invested in a number of existing stores so as to render those more competitive and modify them as per the customers’ changing expectations. The United Kingdom (UK) based company wants to further expand the business and product lines so as to retain the competitive edge.  Tesco boasts of the guaranteed low prices for quality offerings made to all consumers.

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