Saturday, October 26, 2019

Essay --

At the age of two years old, Hannah Warren has been through multiple medical treatments. Hannah was born without a windpipe and currently has a new one developed from her own stem cells. Hannah is known as the youngest individual in the entire world to have this particular stem cell treatment. From birth, Hannah could not eat or drink, breathe, or swallow anything due to being born without a windpipe. Hannah has spent her whole life in the hospital. Various physicians informed Hannah’s parents that there was little hope for her to live. Hannah’s parents heard of Doctor Paolo Macchiarini and his work with stem cell developed tracheas. Yet, due to Macchiarini’s institution being located in Stockholm, Sweden; they could not afford to go. The Children’s Clinic prearranged for Doctor Macchiarini to travel to Peoria, Illinois to make the stem cell operation. The stem cells used in this process were from Hannah’s bone marrow. In less than a week, plent y of cells reproduced to create a new windpipe. Throughout the nine-hour procedure, Dr. Macchiarini successfully inserted a three-inch pi...

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