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Sin and Punishment in Relation to Satan and Human Being Essays

Sin and Punishment in Relation to Satan and Human Being Essays Sin and Punishment in Relation to Satan and Human Being Essay Sin and Punishment in Relation to Satan and Human Being Essay Man is generally known in both psychological and theoretical aspect is imperfect due to his innate nature. This idea is mainly attributed to the fact that it is stated in the Bible that humanity themselves became imperfect though they are created to be the other way. This is actually because of the event of when the first man and woman committed the first and one of the most unforgivable sins in the whole theoretical history of man. This is the first defiance of the man to God’s will and command in direct association with the two thus together with the fall of the first man and woman is the fall of the whole humanity following them in imperfection. From birth, man has already unconsciously committed sin through inheritance and this sin thus, originally he is already made imperfect. Also from this state, man’s continuous pursuit in life is deeply embedded with many pitfalls and downfalls that from it man, through lack of faith and with imperfect discretion, is bounded to fall one way or another thus resulting him to committing sins. For human philosophy and even with the expression from the bible’s historical events, sin or fault is naturally with direct connotation to the idea of punishment. This punishment principle is like a bargaining deal that states that whatever is loss through fault is punishable with compensatory damages to the one committed it (Newbolt, 2005). Thus, because of humanity’s imperfection, they are more likely to commit sin and be punish for it because of which, they strongly needs divine guidance in their course for purification and atonement for their aim of salvation. Sin and Punishment min Relation to Satan It is embedded in the historical facts of the Bible that the first downfall of humanity through the state of imperfection is through the direct defiance of the first man and woman to the direct command of God. This action resulted to their punishment of stripping off their perfected state and letting them endure the hardship of life for survival and the atonement of their sin. However, in one aspect, this defiance that is explicitly stated in this paper can also be attributed to another intervention causing the enactment of the said serious sin. This is the temptation done by the devil generally called Satan in most religious principles. Satan, is originally and contextual mean accuser, slanderer, liar and an adversary of the truth and all the good things in life (Pagels, 1989; Wikipedia, 2006). His aims and purpose is to cause humanity to commit sin and recruit them to his falsehood together with his condemnation. His main existence is to test the faith of humanity to God and their endurance to stay in the path of righteousness by creating pitfalls for them to stumble on. However, Satan is known to be purposely created by God to be his servant and one of his main servants. According to the Bible, Satan at first was created to be an angel with perfect and beautiful form to aid His biddings and His divine plan for the world and the humanity. However though, Satan the angel has fallen because of his own sin and started the rebellion for him to gain divined powers and superiority because of his aims to be the Supreme Being (Pagels, 1989). Thus, because of his own sin he was punished with condemnation that is equally commensurable to the crime and wickedness he committed in the first place giving him the title of the devil and an enemy of the truth. Just like what he did in his rebellion in heaven, which is his recruitment of allies to his own downfall, he is still doing the same though with different purpose and different targets. Satan the devil’s presence is with the humanity leading them to the same path, which is in just like what he did with t he first man and woman. He is continuously urging humanity to commit sin and punishable errors against God and His righteous Laws and setting up traps and pitfalls for them to prevent them from purifying themselves and atoning for their sins both that of they inherited and committed in their personal lives. Conclusion From the previously stated argument, it is explicitly expressed that the sin and downfall of humanity in imperfection can be directly attributed to the intervention of Satan the Devil himself by shifting to different forms. In addition, since it is explicitly stated in the bible that Satan the Devil himself is residing in the world together with the humanity, his threats and the dangers he post is very evident with humanity’s sin as also attributed by their imperfect discourse. Thus, Satan the Devil can be argue to have a direct connection with humanity as they are residing in the same place because of which, he can directly affect their minds and hearts and lure them to sinful lives and condemnation. Since humanity has already been made imperfect, their defense against Satan the Devil’s lure and threats became apparently weak and they can be easily persuaded to commit sin. However, their faith to God and their adherence to the principles explicitly stated and deeply embedded in the Bible, they can strengthen this defense and resist against Satan’s influences thus achieving forgiveness for their sins and be purified to perfection once again. Bibliography Linthicum, Robert C. City of God, City of Satan. 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