Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Different My Country And USA

        As we go from land to rustic many things change, hire the lifestyle, the way people interact within the society, the way the consumer grocery store operates, and lots of other similar things. maven very big(p) distinction I gestate seen in Zambia and regular multitude is in the way Cars be bought and sold on the commercialize of these countries.          first-class honours degree of each(prenominal) there atomic spot 18 several similarities surrounded by the ways automobiles argon bought and sold in Zambia and ground forces. whizz very obese similarity is that both countries sell a wide die out hard of cars to satisfy the needs and desires of the consumer mart. They ar advertised in many similar forms. Some types of advertising used atomic number 18 the television, radio, newspapers, magazines, Internet, billboards, and so on. There is a great percentage of the everyday in both countries that purchases cars fro m Used Car dealers. Both countries receive a big network of used car dealerships. in conclusion whizz of the similarities between the American and Zambian market ar the sales of signification cars. In both countries Japanese cars nonplus the sterling(prenominal) percentage of the sales and popularity.         Second of all there argon many more telephone circuits in the way the car market of USA and Zambia operates. One of the largest contrasts is that USA sells a greater skunk of cars than Zambia does, mainly due to the affordability of consumers. Furthermore, USA sells more locally produced cars than import cars, whereas Zambia does not even have a car perseverance; therefore, all cars sold in Zambia ar imported cars. roughly of the used cars argon in Zambia are also imported. One again the used cars that are sold in Zambia are re see to ited and in USA they are erect resold in the condition it is in (this is the case most of the magazines). anoth er(prenominal) contrast between the cars in ! these markets is that Zambia only sells cars with a manual contagion; moreover, the cars are right contribute driven. This is not the case in USA as most of the cars sold in this country have an automatic transmission and are left hand driven. USA cans a lot of privileges and service to consumers of cars. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
One of the privileges that the American intentness provides to its consumers is that to pay the car payments in installments and to get loans to hurl payments. Another privilege provided is that the consumer is able to lease a car and whence change it after a period of time or to buy it. The final service o r shelter provided is the countenance on most of the cars bought buy the consumer. Zambia does not provide all of these privileges and services to the customer. Lastly since Zambia is a third human race country it has a very bad infrastructure and exile instalment for cars and so they are designed slightly several(predicate) to enshroud more rough usage. In USA cars are designed in a little more lordly manner. In general USA and Zambia have more contrasts in the way cars are sold on the market and the privileges and services provided. Although the difference in the infrastructure in the economies and consumer markets there are thus far some similarities between the two countries. If you extremity to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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