Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Prostate Cancer

TOTAL CRYOSURGICAL DESTRUCTION OF THE PROSTATE vs STANDARD CRYOSURGERY vs RADICAL perineal PROSTATECTOMY ? compare OF EARLY RESULTS Purpose: To compare the results of treatment of 49 patients who underwent measuring cryosurgery of the prostate for the treatment of prostate cancer with 27 patients who had decease of the urethra during or after the cryosurgery either by succeeding TUR or by kernel freezing of the prostate (total cryosurgery). These results were compared to a gathering of 83 floor surgery patients similar in age, stage, grade, and prostate specific antigen levels to the cryosurgical groups. Materials and Methods: Patients who underwent cryosurgery included whole patients treated by the author for place prostate cancer after July 1, 1995. The patients who underwent radical perineal prostatectomy were all patients treated by the authors associate during the cartridge clip of the study and by the author prior to his use of cryosurgery. The waft used for vic tory was a post-treatment PSA of 0.2 or less(prenominal) at 6 months after the procedure in separately case. A stricter standard of victory, the 0.0 PSA was also assessed. Results and Conclusions: Patients who underwent total cryosurgery had a 96% success rate. Those who had standard cryosurgery had a 48.9% success rate. perfect surgery patients had a 73.4% success rate. Using the stricter parameter of success, the 0.0 PSA, 66.7% of the total cryosurgery group were success effectivey treated. 16.
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3% of the standard cryosurgery patients reached a nadir of 0.0. 48.2% of the radical surgery patients reached this le vel. It is the authors refinement that tota! l cryosurgical destruction of the prostate may offer wise opportunities for cancer treatment however unrecognized and should undergo more investigational analysis. INTRODUCTION Cryosurgery is still considered an fact-finding alternative for the treatment of prostate cancer in galore(postnominal) quarters.1,2 Even its proponents acknowledge its limitations as described by Cohen.3 Five... If you take to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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